Saturday, August 10, 2013

Meeting Cousin Benton!!

Aunt Natalie, Uncle Jake an Benton came into town yesterday from Missoula! We were so excited to finally meet Baby Benton! I was especially excited to help babysit Benton with my mom while Nat and Jake went on their anniversary date. We had a great night!

Alan and his robot finger are ready to meet Benton!

Anna was quite excited to go meet Benton too! However, she admittedly was more excited to get out of her stuffy car seat lol.

I loved holding him and giving his sweet forehead kisses and talking to him and telling him stories and feeding him a bottle and showing him to my own children. I am so "that Aunt" and just enjoyed loving everything about him. He is still so tiny but is soooooooooo adorable. He reminds me a lot of Alan but I can definitely tell that he is my sister's kid. And he looks just like his dad. Oh I love him so much already!

It took some time for him to warm up to Benton, but Alan eventually was his best big buddy. He would sit with my mom and I while we held Benton. Alan would lightly touch Benton's hand or kiss his forehead. He really likes his baby cousin. It was the sweetest thing ever! Anna was interested in him for the most part but always got distracted by someone else after a bit.

Then when she became tired and was ready for bed, she started being jealous of Benton sitting in Grandma Melanie's lap. She refused to share (even though he did not mind, of course lol). And when Benton had a bottle? Give me a break, it might as well have been the rudest thing in her eyes lol. She is so silly. :) She threw herself on the ground crying after Grandma wouldn't let her steal Benton's bottle. This is some serious baby cousin drama going on here! I had to convince her that the sipper and I were okay enough for her. Once she was convinced, she fell right asleep!

Oh my silly girl, she is too much like her Aunts and Uncles and Mama! :P I wasn't able to get any photos with Benton, Grandma and her all together but I am making it a photographer's duty to get a photo of the two of them together. And a cousins photo too! :) I must!!

I helped babysit Benton for 3 and a half hours last night! It was so much fun! I cannot wait for this afternoon! We are throwing Benton a Welcoming Party at my parent's house. Then we will be taking the kids to the State Fair to ride the rides and visit the farm animals. I told Alan about this for the first time this morning and he won't stop talking about it! He loves the fair, he is so excited! I can only imagine Anna will enjoy it too. There is so much going on at the fair!

Lon and I will finally be going on a date tonight too! My mom is going to watch the kids for us too! We are going to the Offspring concert, soooooooooo highschool for us lol. Chevelle is opening for them too, I'm sure we will be the ones in the crowd only wanting to hear all the classics lol! We feel so old! :P This will also be our first date since our anniversary date in April. We went on one lunch date with friends in July, but I don't count that lol! :P I am quite excited! It should be lots of fun, I need to find my old favorite pair of jeans!

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