Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Trip to the New Library

Our local library has recently built a new building and has remodeled. They just opened this past week. They are still under a lot of construction but can start accepting library card applications and allowing people to check books out again. Alan has wanted a library card for ages and I got my first card when I was about five, so I figured it was time to get him one. I took the kids to the new library last Friday and they just loved it!

The new library is so cool! We walked all over, looking at all the new stuff. They have a wishing fountain, a tree house reading room and a toddler play area all on the first floor! We agreed that Alan was old enough to be responsible for two books. He picked those two books out while Anna played in the play area. Alan even came and played with her for a bit! However, Miss Anna wasn't too into getting any books herself this time but she really liked the play area and didn't want to leave when it was time to go lol. She put quite the show on when I tried to put her back into her stroller, we had a whole audience watching that performance lol!

We went to the Treehouse Reading Room next, its so nice there! This would be the place I would spend all my time if I didn't have kids lol! Its like a tepee rounded room, with beautiful lights all the way up to the top. There is a bench seating area cut out of the wall, its super comfy! And a big red chair on the other side, I am assuming for community storytime. Love it! The kids, of course, wanted to run around in there and were only interested in it for so long lol. They don't do well with "quiet". :P So it was off to the next area!

We checked out the teen and adult section upstairs, the teen section has a bunch of cute meeting rooms that are half glass! Alan loved those rooms a lot, they are also sound proof, which is something I appreciated lol. :) The kids let me pick out a few books for myself too. I picked out a biography about Frida Khalo, one of my favorite artists ever; a book of Jim Henson's personal journal entries; and a book of John Lennon's letters to Yoko Ono. Quite a good starting selection, if I do say so myself!

We then went and had lunch in the library's little cafe. It was so quaint! We all shared a turkey sandwich with "seaweed" lol, it was actually lettuce but Alan was convinced that it was seaweed. We had delicious smoothies with our sandwiches and the kids picked out their own bag of chips, a big deal for them since we don't have junkfood often. They loved having lunch in the library with their books!

I am also enjoying my books thoroughly! I had forgotten how awesome it is to sit down with a good book after the kids are in bed and read for an hour or so. Its the perfect way to end the night. And with me having horrible Book ADD (I seriously can not focus unless I am reading at least three books at once), these books are the perfect variety for me! I am about a third of the way into the Frida biography and have just started the other two. I most definitely will be writing a book review on all three of them!

We plan on making the library a weekly ordeal, probably will go every Friday from now on. The kids love it so much and there is a lot to do there. Plus I thoroughly believe in creating a foundation for a love of reading in my children. My parents taught me this through many visits to the library as a child, I hope to teach my own children this same way. Because reading is knowledge! :)

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