Thursday, January 16, 2014

Andersen Happenings

We have been somewhat busy this past week. Monday, I renewed my car's registration and changed the oil in the car. Tuesday, we took Alan into the doctor to get the skin on his right wrist checked out. Wednesday, I had all day training for the rockwall at the YMCA with Cliff Tobin. And our car started breaking down again. It started making a rattling noise in the engine area a few days after we had changed the oil. Not sure yet if that has anything to do with it, but we are stranded until the car is fixed. Busy, busy, busy!

I finally got the car reregistered, so that hopefully when I go to court, the citation will be dropped. We can't afford to pay a ticket right now, so hopefully the judge will be as understanding as the police officer was! :) Now about Alan's arm: Alan had a few bumps on his wrist the other day, we thought they were bug bites but its not that time of year. We weren't exactly sure what it was but we started covering it with a bandage. This weekend, the bumps developed to a weird rash on his wrist, about the size of a quarter. This was quite concerning to us, it was so small before! So I took him to the doctor as soon as I could.

The doctor checked him out and determined it was one of two things: either it was just a simple skin conditon that could be treated by Cortizone cream or it was ringworm, which would cause a little bit more care. She said we should know for sure what it is by the end of the week. I was so freaked out that it could have been ringworm or MRSA, but that's just what has been circulating around gymnastics teachers' minds lately. We have all been cautioned to keep our gymnasiums sanitized because these two things have been popping up more in gymnasiums. Gross...

I have been watching it and caring for it all week and have determined that it is most likely the skin condition. The treatment she has us using is working, so it probably is. Thank goodness it wasn't ringworm! I may have just lost it lol. We may have had to quit gymnastics and have Alan learn at my own school. Blah, that would have sucked because I just LOVE the Billings Gymnastics School! I want Alan on the Boys Team here in a few years! Thank goodness!

Yesterday, I had that training for rockwall. It was so awesome, I learned quite a lot that I did not know before and was totally inspired again! Cliff Tobin is an amazing trainer, he not only taught us the required things but we did some team building work too. I always love my team building activities! :) The training was just so fun, we all laughed a lot and grew closer as a Y family. I even conquered my fear of heights to be a guinea pig for belay training! I climbed about halfway up (you know, only the easiest, slanted wall lol) and repelled back down, TWICE! Boom! :D I was quite proud of myself! We also got new GriGri's for work and a new Black Diamond harness! It was so much fun messing around with all the new equipment and learning it!

And at the end, Cliff even asked ME to belay him on the rockwall! He had been joking all day that he didn't trust any of us to belay him and that he actually couldn't climb during training because he wasn't supposed to get hurt. But he had one of the regular rockwall guys belay him during lunch so he could do a maintenance check on our wall. And he asked me too! I felt so special but having just learned a new hand setup, was a little nervous lol. He made me even more nervous by telling me, "Don't drop me please, I have two young children at home..." Oh I wanted to hit him lol, way to mess with my anxiety even more!! But I did great he said, I allowed him to have a smooth climb and even repelled him down nicely! I was very proud of myself!

The weather has just been wild this week! Sunny afternoons and cold nights, chilled mornings and some snow here and there. Crazy Montana can't decide if she wants to finish winter or start spring already lol! It is supposed to be 60 degrees today and earlier this week was snowing real heavy. I took this picture the other night on the way home. Its so pretty! I just had to share with you. :) Here is my "Snowy Stop" as I called it on IG. Enjoy!

We don't have too much planned for this weekend, with the car being at the mechanics. We do have Alan's basketball class and I have work, but other then that I don't have anything planned. I just hope for a wonderful, relaxing weekend together with Lon and my kids. :) And hopefully the car will be done before next week, I hate not having a vehicle in winter. You can't walk anywhere with kids when you don't know what the weather with be like one minute to the next lol.

What are your plans for this weekend?

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