Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Anna's First Day of Gymnastics! And Court, Boooo...

I had court yesterday for my expired registration. I went to the courthouse feeling very apprehensive about the whole situation, but all the officials who worked there were very nice and helpful. They showed me were I was supposed to wait in line and kept an eye on me too, I think lol. I definitely looked like I did not belong there, dressed in bright colors and a skirt, I looked like a 1950's housewife lol! I had brought a book, my Frida Kahlo biography, with me to read while I waited. Most people were there for much worse charges, DUI's and theft and trespassing. They hooted and hollered, talking loudly about their charges. I remember that I couldn't wait to get out of there, I do not enjoy that type of energy or enviroment.

The judge took one look at me, saw my renewed registration and instantly dismissed my case. I was so relieved, I was honestly prepared to pay for the ticket and take the fault. But I am so glad that she dismissed the whole thing! I didn't have to write any paperwork and was free to leave. Yay! Then it was finally time for fun!

After dropping Alan off at preschool, Anna and I went to her gymnastics class. I was so excited, but the silly girl fell asleep on the way there! She wouldn't wake up until we were already inside too! :) We met her teacher, Miss Carrie, and her classmates. They always start class with bubbles, a perfect way to start any class in my opinion. Miss Anna was more interested in the class that was Alan's age group lol, she kept leaving to go find them.

We playing in the climbing corner for a bit, then went on the zipline and the tumble track. Anna tried both of them a few times and then was no longer interested. Then we tried the obstacle course, which she didn't care for one bit. I thought that would have been her favorite but she just wanted to go see the other classes lol. She enjoyed the foam pit though! I plopped her in a few times and she sat in the pit with me too. But then she almost lost her Spiderman toy which made her mad. Oh she was a tired girl!

Her teacher assured me that this was common with the first time. I wasn't worried about it, I know how overwhelming that big gym can be for a little one the first time. Plus this was her first REAL class. I know that in a month or two, she will love it. She loves gymnastics and today we picked out the cutest little leotard for next week. I love my gymnast kiddos!

I got a few much needed things today at the store. Anna is still using children's Mederma for her scar on her face, I picked up another tube of that. We also got her a leotard, a cute one with stars and sparkles everywhere. I also went to the second hand store to drop off some clothes. I picked up two outfits for Benton and a pair of shoes for both Alan and Anna. Six things and I only spent $19 total! Yay! We can't wait for Aunt Natalie and Benton to get here tomorrow!

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