Monday, January 27, 2014

Basketball and Baby Showers

I am so glad that we finally have our car back! With a family of four, two little kiddos, its hard to not have your car for a week! I missed playdates, had to reschedule Alan and Anna's gymnastics classes and had to figure out rides to work. I am so happy our car is back with us! Even if we do owe the mechanic $500+ now lol. Blah... We had a simple weekend. Alan has basketball practice and I had a baby shower for an old family friend. Not too wild of a weekend, but I still enjoyed it!

Alan is really getting into basketball. This week we learned what a jump shot is, how to play "Coach Says" and how to dribble and run. We also played a new game called Sharks and Minnows, Alan loved it! He did get hurt a few times though but I reminded him that sometimes in sports we get hurt. He is my strong boy! Alan loves basketball, his coaches and his team mates! Here are some photos from practice:

Alan doing jumping jacks

I got some time away from the kids too on Sunday, thanks to my mom. Aunt April and I went to my family friend Lisa's baby shower. Her son, Erik, was born last month. I met him for the first time at the shower. He is so perfect, like a little man lol! He slept the whole first half of the shower. I didn't know a lot of people, so I hung out with the fellow dance teachers. I sat with my old teacher Amantha and her sweet daughter Brooke. Brooke was born the day before Alan was! I also sat with my old tap teacher Taryn.

There was so much yummy food and good friends. The desserts were so delcious too! My favorites were chocolate covered strawberries and the marshmellow whipped brownies! YUM!!! Taryn and I had fun playing the games with the dance students too. They had a bunch of games! Miss Brooke was my buddy pretty much the whole party, but I think she was just waiting for Alan to show up lol. They are buds.

Taryn also invited me to an adult tap group she and her sister have started recently. Their plan is to meet once a month and jam, maybe perform once a year or so. Real low key! Exactly what I am looking for right now. I think I will join! I told her to keep me updated, I am definitely interested. I love tap and can't wait to start jamming some killer combinations again! Gah!

Lisa, Erik and all their girls

This week is a big one for us! Tomorrow I have my court date and Anna's first gymnastics class. Thursday, Aunt Natalie and Benton should be coming into town, hopefully the weather is nice enough for them. Friday, we are going to the library again. And Saturday, Aunt Natalie will have her first bridal dress fitting! Yay! I can't wait for this week to begin!

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  1. The week's pretty tiring but the kids seems to enjoy it. Just worth it. :)