Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Anna the Actress

This weekend, Anna had Lon and I quite worried. The kids had been playing and had gotten quite wild, so I told them to calm down some. After having a talk with them, we noticed Anna was holding her left arm a lot and favoring her right arm. We tried to get her to reach for a toy with the arm and she refused to. The more we started checking it, the more upset she got. We decided that we should take her into the doctor to make sure she didn't hurt it or something. She screamed bloody murder when we tried to put her coat on, she screamed when we seat belted her into her car seat. I was just sure at that point that she had dislocated her shoulder or something.

She wouldn't let the doctor's check her temp or take her weight. Actually examing the arm was completely out of the question too. She just screamed and screamed, it seriously almost made me sick to my stomach to hear her scream like that. She definitely does NOT like doctors after her dog bite incident. Poor baby girl! The doctor decided to take a few XRays to determine what the issue was. I went with the technician and Anna, they wanted me to help keep her calm and hold her down. They took four XRays of her arm and had to have another doctor come in help. Anna is a strong little girl!

After the XRays, it was like she was a changed girl! She started trying to climb on everything, playing with the nurses and with Alan. She stopped fussing and started using her arm again lol. At this point, we were pretty convinced that she was just fine. But it did help that the doctor came back in and showed us her perfect bones and everything in the exact place they should be. She may be nominated for the next Oscar award lol, but she was definitely okay.That was all that mattered to us! She sure is a handful, but we wouldn't change her for anything!

Alan was so excited for basketball this week! Tiny Tots BBall finally had gotten their new toddler sized basketballs in, it was the first class that got to use them! They learned their defensive stance and what Triple Threat means (Dribble, pass and shoot). And they practiced their layouts too. Alan is a pretty good little BBaller, if I do say so myself lol! Alan had a new coach too, Coach Chris. He had a wonderful time and cannot wait to go back! Seriously, he counts down the days lol!

Alan and I also have been trying to make our alone time while Anna naps really special. I will play board games with him, read his big boy books, make cookies and other goodies, other fun stuff like that. He has been just loving it! I think its important for us to have time together, like Anna and I do while Alan is at preschool. I think it will be something he will have fond memories of when he is older. :) Today we played Connect Four while Anna napped. He worked on his counting with me and we had a good time. He even beat me a few times! :)

We are still waiting on our car to be fixed but hopefully it will be soon! I want to get back to the library again. Since I renewed my library card, I have a billion pages long list of books I want to read! The real Pain and Gain memoir, Catching Fire, and a handful of others! Must. Read. More. Books!

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