Friday, November 7, 2014

Anna's First Trip to the Dentist!

Alan and Anna recently went to the dentist for their biannual checkup. They go to Legacy Smiles and see Dr. Stuart there. He and his staff are just wonderful! They are so kind, so helpful, the kids just love them! Alan and Anna enjoy going and seeing their dentist and his sweet staff! :) I could be biased because Dr. Stuart is one of my good friends' fathers lol, but he is still just wonderful!

It wasn't just any ordinary trip to the dentist though, oh no! It was Miss Anna's first time at the dentist! Now Anna doesn't quite have all of her baby teeth yet, she is still missing her canines and her two year old molars. But Dr. Stuart told us to bring her in regardless. :) The wonderful dental assistant showed Alan and Anna all the dental tools right away, so that Anna wouldn't be nervous.

But missy was very brave!

Miss Anna was a great dental patient! She didn't like the sunglasses they had her wear but when the dental assistant asked her to put them back on, she listened to her. Then she let the dental assistant count her teeth and brush them with the electric brushers they have. I was very surprised! She was even okay with her using the sucker tool and the teeth rinsers! Good job Anna! :D She did draw the line with flossing though lol. I am not surprised, I hate flossing too. Its something we all have to do though! :P Then when the dentist came, she let him look at her teeth too! She was a little afraid of him at first but when we told her that we were going to "count" her teeth again, she opened her little mouth right up! She received a good grade on her teeth, no problems that Dr. Stuart could find! Yay!

Alan also did a wonderful job! Since it was Anna's first visit, he had to go to the next area with the other dental assistant. He was very brave, even though he had never gone without Mama. He let them take X-Rays too! Great job Alan! Mama and Daddy are VERY proud of you! Alan also received a decent report on his teeth, he has some problem areas we need to work on and he needs to floss more, but otherwise good. That is probably the best report we have had with him lol!

After the dentist appointments, I took Anna home to take a nap with Daddy and took Alan to his doctor appointment. It was his five year old well child check up, a few months delayed lol! :P He received his Kindergartener shots and also a book about the Safari! Pretty cool! Also, he was super brave while getting the three shots! He only cried a little and still thanked the staff afterwards! My brave, super sweet little man! Mama is so very proud of you!

I totally had to take him to the nearest yogurt shop as a reward. We both bought two HUGE bowls of chocolate yogurt, then filled them to the brim with various chocolates, fruits and other goodies. We were both only able to get through about half of our treats lol, we probably just should have shared. :P But it was a great mini-Mama and Son date, a wonderful celebration of Alan's bravery!

Alan LOVES "Serve Yourself" Yogurt Shops!

I am so proud of both of my kid-lets! Good job Alan and Anna! Way to be such big kiddos!


  1. Alan and Anna are real troopers. I'm happy that they weren't such a handful to take to the dentist. I would've been proud to be their dentist. They definitely deserve that stop to the yogurt shop. Thanks for sharing that with us! All the best! :)

    Justene Doan @ A+ Family Dentistry

  2. Wow! They look so adorable! Anna looks like she was very proud of that accomplishment. Hahaha! Who knew a tiny little missy like her could be so brave, right? I'm also very proud of Alan for doing such a great job. It was his first visit without you by his side, right? You must be so proud of them. Thanks for sharing that, Jillian. All the best to you and your family!

    Dorothy Payne