Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Sunday evening, it snowed.

Still leaves on the bush, with snow all around loll

The residents of Billings were horribly upset, Alan and Anna were so excited, and I couldn't really care less lol. Born and raised in Montana, I am quite used to seeing snow in November. I was actually more surprised that we had a WARM Halloween instead of the usual snowy Halloween. Snow mid-November was nothing for me, it just meant that I needed to start looking harder for either a new car or new place to live. But surely nothing to get too upset or excited about lol.

Yesterday, I took the kids outside to play for a few minutes. It was in the teens outside, but we Montanans are never afraid of cold weather! We just know how long to be out lol. :) The kids were in total hog heaven! They are complete snow puppies, the opposite of their mother and father. They must take after Aunt Natalie and Uncle Jake, that's it… :P

Alan chased me around, trying to peg me with a snowball. Anna walked all over, watching the footprints she made in the snow. We tried to make a snowman, but the snow wasn't quite right. Didn't stop Alan from trying over and over again though lol. Anna wanted to make a snow angel, but would lay down and hop right back up from the cold. :D Silly kids!

Do you like the snow? Has it snowed where you lived, or are you one of the lucky ones? We are supposed to get more snow this week too! Good thing my kiddos love the snow!

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