Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Car, New Babies and the Nutcracker

We ended up getting the car! Its perfect and I love it! It is a silver 1996 Mercedes-Benz with a sun roof. Oh I love it so much! The best part about the whole thing? I bought it 100% by myself. Yep! Paid $3000 in cash and felt like a BOSS! Whoop, whoop! It is so awesome being an adult sometimes. :D I know, its not an apartment… But we are taking baby steps to a better life for our family. First comes a new car, then more hours and more money, then a place to live. Lon and I have a plan made, it will just take some time. Which does suck on the hard days. But on days like today, days when all my hard work has finally paid off, days like today rock!

I have yet to really settle into the car, I haven't even cleaned it up or taken a decent photo of it! I had Lon snap a quick one for me this morning (we have to wait until after work before we can get it registered) but I think that it doesn't even do it justice. It just looks so fancy and so nice! How did we get so lucky?

Isn't she a beauty??

My bestie's little sister also had her first child via c-section yesterday afternoon! Congratulations Kourtney and Tory! They had a healthy little girl that they named Karleigh! I have only seen photos so far but she looks just perfect and absolutely smooch-able! I just want to hold her and coo at her! :D We will go visit her hopefully sometime tomorrow evening, once Miss Kourtney and Miss Karleigh have gotten comfortable and figured out the swing of things. I cannot wait to meet her! Congratulations to Kourtney, Tory and their families! Love you guys!

We are right smack in the middle of Nutcracker season at the YMCA dance studio. Our performance is the Friday that the school district releases for Christmas vacation, we have roughly a month left until the performance day! I have almost finished all of the auditions for the main parts (Clara, Frieda, Nutcracker, Mouse King, etc) and will be announcing them to the students next week. I also have so much costuming planned out, I could go crafting crazy!

I made my craft list the other night, it is just a wee bit bigger then I had originally planned it would be. Oops! :P I have 8 "presents" to wrap for my party kids, 10 tulle skirts and headbands to make for my baby snowflake ballerinas, 6 tulle skirts and wands to make for my sugar plum fairies and 7 mouse hoodies for my hip hop kids. Not to mention the mass of snowflakes I want to cut out for the winter wonderland and the cardboard fireplace I need to build. That is so much stuff!

Thankfully, I will have a lot of help. I asked several staff members as well as a few dance moms to assist me at the Christmas party. I decided that we could just all craft there, instead of leaving all the hard work for me lol! That way, the kids can each bring a holiday treat to share, a present for the White Elephant Exchange and we can work on our costumes! It will be perfect!

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