Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Alan's New Haircut (And hopefully mine soon too)

Alan's hair has just been growing, and growing, and GROWING lately. Or so it seems… It recently has grown so long that his bangs are now in his eyes. And with his glasses been broken (he broke them wrestling with Aunt Ariel several weeks ago, we are waiting for his replacements now), there is nothing blocking his little eyes from all of that hair! He has refused me cutting it since the last time I cut his hair, I butchered it pretty good lol. See exhibit A.

Exhibit A.

But it was starting to get ridiculous and I felt like it was interfering with his seeing, so I convinced him to let me trim it slightly. After some bribing, he agreed. So last night before bath time, I trimmed his whole head for him. I wasn't able to get a photo of his hair before I cut it, but here is a good example. Its his Pre-K school photo! So handsome! :D But look at those long curls! He definitely was in need of a trim!


And after!

I am quite proud of my trim job, I took my time and made sure to check each trim with my fingers. I did cut it slightly shorter then I had originally planned out, but it still looks really good! I did WAY better BY FAR then the last time I cut his hair! Refer to Exhibit A!!! :P I have even received several compliments on his hair at work and at his school! Yay!

We are looking into buying a car this week, so wish us luck! Most of you may remember how I lost my car a few months ago. The brakes went out and I hit another vehicle, totally my car. We have been saving up since then and finally have enough to invest in a good, reliable car. Hopefully this is the one! :D I know I say that all the time about cars and houses lol! We need to have to have wishful thinking though, right?

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