Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Everything will be okay...

I didn't know exactly how to title this in the beginning and honestly, I am still not satisfied with the end product. But I am just picky… :) Sorry I haven't posted the past few days! 

Monday was a rough day for the kids and I, we were involved in a car accident. I have never been in an accident that was my fault but it was my fault this time, by technicality. My brake line snapped on the way to a new park we were going to check out and I slammed into the person in front of me. Everything else afterwards was a blur for me. I tried to follow the person I had hit to a parking lot, my brakes were toast and I almost hit oncoming traffic several times before making it into the parking lot. The kids screamed and screamed in the back seat, but I had to park before I could tend to them. I had to coast to a stop every time because pushing on the actual brake did nothing. I just started sobbing, everything went so fast! Then the police came, my husband showed up, after that the insurance company and the wrecker. Everyone rushed me, wanting to know answers about what exactly had happened, but I couldn't answer them. I was in shock, scared for my kids and angry, very angry.

It was all overwhelming. At first the police thought someone had cut the brake line so they launched a full investigation. After looking at the area and my car though, they determined that it was just a faulty brake line that had broken after years of wear and tear. Thankfully, they didn't ticket me but the insurance company claimed it was my fault. The kids and I were checked out and cleared of any injuries, thank goodness! We were released and sent our way.

We just got a confirmation from the company today, my car is a "total loss" as they say. Apparently the cost of the brake line repair, doubled with all the body repairs to the front, and the engine work was just too much. My car is now being stored until we can get our belongings out of it, then it will be bought from us by the company. The pay-back is enough to get us a newer car, but its the whole unknown that stresses me out completely. Especially a week before Alan starts school? This came at the worst time ever. But I am trying my best to stay positive about things. So many other things could have gone wrong, we had the best out of this bad situation. I mean,

The kids could have been horribly hurt, what if one of them didn't have their seatbelt on properly?

We could have been hit by the oncoming traffic, which would have started a big car pile up. Thank you to all those who slowed down or swerved and missed us, even if you were honking at us and irritated. 

The man we hit could have been not-so-understanding, instead of offering to stay with us until everything was over with, like he so kindly did. Thank you sir!

Everything happened the way it did, for a reason. Everything will be okay, in the end. I just need to remind myself that every time I feel overwhelmed by everything. It will get harder, for the next few months, but soon we will have another car again and a new house following that shortly afterwards. It will all be okay! It has to be, right? I just need to stay positive.

While the kids and I walked to work today, as we usually do when my car is at the mechanic's, I tried to be positive and enjoy the trip. As we are always reminding ourselves in life: to enjoy the trip. I looked for dogs with Alan and we talked to a little bunny. I found a cute little hopscotch that covered about a third of the whole block, Alan and I hopped almost the whole thing! We sang songs and took several breaks. I didn't want to rush the kids and make Alan tired, so we left about 45 minutes before I had to work. I think that worked out nicely. :) The way back was a bit harder, it was hotter out then earlier and Alan was tired. But we survived!

Everything will be okay, everything will be okay. That is my mantra for this week. 

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