Thursday, August 7, 2014

Our Family Vacation 2014: Day Four

Next week is a wild week for me. Actually, if you really want to get technical, starting Saturday is just craziness for us… probably not slowing done at all until school starts up in September. Gah! Benton is still in town with us, Natalie has surgery tomorrow and will be heading to town Sunday most likely. Saturday Lon and I have the Train concert to go to, Sunday we will be headed to the fair with Aunt Natalie and Benton. Monday I start Cheer and Dance Camp, Tuesday and Thursday I have my gymnastics class showcases. So crazy! I may not post that much next week because of how busy we are, but stay tuned because I will do my best! As for our vacation, let's catch up on the last two days!

Day Four: Enjoying Flathead Lake

We were all exhausted from the big celebrations last night, so Sunday we had a calm day. We woke up late, had a breakfast of steak and eggs, and cleaned up camp some. Lon and I decided that we would be leaving that night for Butte, due to the car's problems. We cleaned out the tent and then took a quick drive into Lakeside, the closest town to our campsite. We picked up some supplies and got gas. On the way back to camp, we pulled over on another scenic lookout point. It was so beautiful out there in the early morning air. We stood the kids up on the railing stakes and talked to them about what we were seeing. The lake, people started to sail and boat. The birds emerging from all the trees in the mountains. All the sounds and noises around us. They loved it!

Once we were back at camp, everyone got ready for a day at the lake. We walked to the docking area, it was a short little walk and we didn't want to pay the day camper fee to park our cars. Alan loved every second of it, he skipped and chatted next to Aunt Natalie and I. Anna rode in the stroller, so she enjoyed it too lol. Uncle Shane and Aunt Morgan were already there, enjoying the nice breeze and cool water. We set the kids on the shore and let them play to their hearts content. Alan ventured out deep occasionally, but most stayed close to Anna and Benton. Aunt April took Anna out a few times, but she always would get scared and cry for me. Benton kept crawling all over, up into the rocks with the snakes and into the lake. He had a blast lol.

We were lakeside for probably three hours total, it was so much fun! The kids loved getting wet and cooling off and playing in the rocks. It was nice being there with the newlyweds, just enjoying life and not worrying about making any time. Perfect way to begin the end to our family vacation! :) Shortly after getting back to camp, we packed everything else up and had our last meal with the whole clan. Lon rode around on his long board some, we let the kids burn off the last bit of their energy, and then we said our good byes and headed out of town.

We drove all the way to Butte and stayed their for the night. We checked several hotels to find that almost everyone was booked out, but finally got lucky at a Comfort Inn. The kids fought sleep that night, they were all still too excited from the wedding and the new hotel room. They bounced on the beds for a good hour before passing out, I was just sure that we were going to have someone knocking on our door, telling us to be quick lol. They had a good time though.

Thank you for having us Flathead Lake! Stay beautiful!

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