Friday, August 15, 2014

Showcase Marathon

I have been a total ball of stress this past month. In just August, I have had over six different performances, ranging from my gymnastics to cheer to theatre to hip hop. I had three gymnastics performances this week alone. It has been wild! To put it frankly, I am exhausted. So I will leave you all with some photos from our performances. These kids are beasts! They worked so hard, I am so proud of them!

Tumble 1 6:30 class

I forgot to take photos of my 5:30 class but here are my older kids. These kids worked so hard! I passed all five of them to Tumble 2! Great job guys! :D This session we did something different, instead of just doing a beam routine and a floor routine, we also did a vault routine too. It was a change, but I definitely like it. So I think we may keep it in our program showcase!

Tumble 2 

My Tumble 2 kids did wonderful as well. I made the executive decision to keep them in Tumble 2, to better perfect their skills. This level is much harder then the first one, it isn't uncommon to have kids repeat a level in gymnastics. When it comes down to it, its all about safety. I am still very proud of them all and they definitely worked their butts off this session! All of them have progressed in the past 7 weeks, great job guys!

This was my second time coaching the cheer and dance camp with the YMCA. I did it last year, as an assistant coach but this year I was in charge. Today we had our end of the week performance, it was amazing! We performed two different cheers, one dance and a pyramid pose. The audience loved it, they were so proud of their girls. And so was I! I worked those girls so hard! They deserved all the praise they received!

Great job to all of my students for working so hard!

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