Saturday, August 16, 2014

Montana Fair 2014

The Montana Fair was in town this past week; Lon and I went once to the Train concert, the kids and I went three times. Rather then post four separate posts, I figured that I would combine all four times into one massive fair post. It shall be full of photos too, you have been warned. :P We had quite a great run there this year, and apparently so did the rest of the county lol. Almost everyone was there! We ran into so many people we knew! Even some from out of town lol! Gotta love the state fair for that reason!

Train was a pretty good concert, except it seemed like the lead singer, Mister Patrick Monahan, was drunk off his gourd. And that's me being nice. Everyone else I have mentioned this too disagrees with me, saying it was such an amazing concert. But I was quite upset when he messed up several sets of lyrics from several of my favorite songs. One was a Zeppelin song that I think even Alan knows the words to but if he didn't know all the lyrics to the song, he should have either chosen to leave them or decided to sing a different classic. Because I enjoyed his performance until he did that… and after he messed up the iconic and quite rhythmic bridges to one of my personal Train favorites, 50 Ways to Say Goodbye (If you don't know the EXACT lyrics, it is "That's cool, but if my friends ask me where you are I'm gonna say…"), we just left the concert. It was no longer worth it. Meet Virginia was good, Drops of Jupiter was phenomenal, but he must've had too much at that point. So we went for a walk around the fair, looking for a good deal on ice cream. I wanted the typical Wilcoxson's Ice Cream Stand but we decided to wait until the next day to enjoy with the kiddos. So we left the fair and got Blizzard Minis at DQ lol. :P

Sunday however, was a much better day for me at the fair. We went with my mother, brother, sisters and Benton. It was a blast! The kids rode on almost every one of the kids rides, we saw all the awesome farming and military vehicles they had displayed; and we had ice cream, cotton candy and their delicious homemade lemonade. Yum! I loved that Aunt Natalie and Benton could be there with us! B even went on the train and the Merry-Go-Round with Anna and I! I was so excited!

Monday evening, we went to the fair again. This time for their BOGO ride bands. I bought both Alan and Anna bands for only $25 (sounds like a lot, but its better then spending $50 that's for sure lol!). We rode until the kids dropped… or maybe we dropped first lol. But they had a blast again! Anna is finally old enough to really enjoy the rides! She probably went on every ride the boys went on, only sitting out for the fun houses and a couple of those times she went in the 5 and under bounce house. That girl is getting so big, it blows my mind! :D

Then of course I somehow was conned into going to the rodeo Friday night. Then upon arriving at the rodeo, conveniently located inside the fairgrounds, a certain little boy decided that he no longer liked the rodeo and in fact, did not want to go at all. For privacy reasons, I will not release this little boy's name. ;) So we ended up wandering around the fairgrounds, visiting the farm animals, watching the rodeo from the cowboy entrance, riding one ride each, and having more Wilcoxson's ice cream. I am officially admitting it, I am addicted to Wilcoxson's Soft Serve Ice Cream Milkshakes. Yum, yum, yummy, YUM!!!

We had a great time again this year! The state fair is always a end of the summer family tradition of ours, I am so glad that my sister and my nephew were also able to enjoy it with us! Hopefully next year Uncle Jake will be able to as well! Wishing my sister a safe trip home! Love you guys! 

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