Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer's Almost Over!

My summer classes are officially over! Yay! It was a wonderful summer, I loved all of my classes and my camps. But it is nice to have this upcoming week off of dance and gymnastics, so that I can prepare Alan for his last year of Preschool and get in some fun family time before he off and leaves us three days a week. He starts school September 3, so we have the whole week off next week to get in some summer fun! I plan on taking Alan and Anna to go swimming, to the library, to as many parks as we can fit in and somewhere else fun too, maybe the zoo or the art museum? Not sure yet!

Saturday was my last showcase for the summer, it was my lovely hip hoppers performance! We performed three dances: a breakdancing dance to one of my favorite Incubus songs, a "follow the lyrics" type dance called Born to Move, and of course the YMCA for our finale dance. It was a wonderful performance, we had a decent turnout and all of my kids danced really well! Alan came along to watch his friend from school, he was very helpful during the performance too! He helped me with the music volume, with prop control and with handing out the roses! Thanks bud!

Yesterday we ran around town in the rain, buying Alan some last minute school supplies and doing some birthday shopping. I figured out what we are getting Alan for his birthday and found the store selling it for the best price. Fighting the crowds to get him a pencil case and a pair of scissors was not as easy lol. It felt like going into battle with all the other parents pushing past people and being all around inconsiderate. I mean, c'mon! I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut when I see things that aren't right and people stealing stuff out of other people's carts while they aren't looking is bad in my book. No bueno! Thankfully, we found what we needed and got out of their before I got too irritated and said something to someone. 

The weather hasn't been too good this weekend, its been non-stop rain and sleet. We were supposed to get our annual family photos taken yesterday too but we had to reschedule for the weekend after Labor Day weekend. It stinks because I am specifically waiting until after our family photos have been taken before cutting my hair and donating it to Locks for Love. But its been so long, and I have been waiting to cut it all summer long! I almost can't wait anymore… Almost! :P But I will wait still and donate it the week afterwards probably. I am just so tired of waiting, I cannot wait to have short, manageable hair again! This hair is so long it gets caught in everything! My coat, my seatbelt, behind my back when I lay down, the door once. Ouch! Oh well, I know that next month I will be complaining about how much I miss my long hair. I just need to be patient and enjoy it while I have it!

Have you met this little diva? She might as well be the most famous little toddler around! I mean, look at that strut! She has certainly got it going on! :P She is waaaaaaaaaay cooler then I'll ever be- with her striped pants and Elmo shirt and her fedora on. So styling!

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