Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Our Family Vacation 2014: Day Three

I don't have too much to say about this day, except for it was one of the best days of my life. I do, however, have a bunch of photos to show everyone all the love and beauty that made this day so special. I love my sister more then words can explain, I love my nephew to pieces and I love my new brother-in-law. I am so very happy for them to begin this journey of marriage, it will definitely be a wild ride for them! But they both have a great love for wild rides and dirt bikes, so that is right up their alley. Love you Aunt Natalie, Uncle Jake and Benton!

Day Three: Natalie and Jake's Wedding Day

My sister and her husband were married at Mission Mountain Resort, just a shot away from Flathead Lake. It was a cute, small little resort ran by a elderly couple. There were so many different trails leading off everywhere, we went on several throughout the whole day but I don't think we ever covered half of the many trails! The resort was snuggled up into the Mission Mountain, with lots of big meadows surrounded by trees. This is where Natalie and Jake were married. It was simply gorgeous!

We were up at the resort almost the whole day. Anna and I arrived around 7 that morning with Aunt Natalie, Aunt April and Benton. We didn't end up leaving until like 10 at night, after the reception had finished up. But I enjoyed almost every moment we were there! It was so cleansing to my soul, being out in that fresh air and beautiful nature. I live for things like that! We all got ready in two small hotel rooms, which was a total circus with a wedding party of ten people plus the kids and the parents! We were outside a lot to avoid being cramped inside. That meant Lon and I took the kids on a bunch of hikes. They loved it so much, but on one of the hikes Mister Alan was stung by a bee. :/ He handled it really well though, considering that it was his first ever bee sting! My big boy is growing up so fast!

The wedding ceremony was just amazing! The sunlight was at that perfect, almost sunset point, everything in the meadow looked just beautiful! I walked with one of Jake's frat boy friends, and the kids walked with my mother and Uncle Kalvin. Silly Miss Anna started screaming bloody murder as soon as they started walking though! Silly girl, she wanted to chase the ball that Benton was following. So my mom had to carry her down while throwing her flower petals for her lol. Of course it had to be my daughter who lost it during her aunt's wedding. Of course. :) The rest of the ceremony went quite well though. The officiant spoke very well and I loved the pouring of the sands ceremony. It was all very lovely! 

I do have to say that Natalie's photographer did an amazing job capturing all the breathtaking images of the wedding day. Some of these photos are just phenomenal! She was also Natalie's Maid of Honor, more like Super Maid of Honor! Wonderful job Jenna!

The reception was crazy and fun. Almost all of the family on my mother's side was there and my Aunt Carolyn with her daughter Julie too. It was so much fun! But there was some silly frat boy and sorority girl drama during the toasts, I had to step in an extinguish that almost immediately. The food was delicious, the resort hosts did an amazing catering job! The cake was quite yummy too, good job Aunt April! I had such a great time spending it with my children and my husband and my family! Thanks for everyone who came to my sister's wedding and to everyone who made her day special! It couldn't have been anymore perfect!

Congratulations, Aunt Natalie and Uncle Jake! Here's to many years of happiness!

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