Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Anna Ariel: Four Months Old

I am quite late on posting but we got rid of internet at our new place, so my posting options have become limited. I do not want to abandon this blog though, so here we go! Be sure to tune in the rest of this week for more updates on our family!

At four months old, Anna Ariel:

*Weighs 10 pounds and 14 ounces and is 25 1/2 inches long.

*Has grayish blue eyes just like her brother's and dark red-ish auburn hair. Its down to her shoulders blades now too!

*Can sit up against the corner of our couch with supervision! It makes her feel like such a big girl! She loves it!

*Can now sit up only slightly supported. She is so strong with her little core now! I think she is almost ready for a jumper!

*Has her own little language she uses to communicate with us now. She will tell us a whole story or cuss us out when she is angry. I love it so much!

*Can roll from her back to her belly and the other way too. And NOW, it does not scare her when she does it lol. Big girl!

*Is still primarily breastfeeding. She is still supplemented with bottles, but I am proud to say she mostly drinks breast milk!

*Can lift almost all of her chest off the ground when she is on her tummy. She is so beyond ready to crawl now, its not even funny! Maybe another month or two for that lol!

*Wants to start eating solid food! We cannot hold her while eating anymore, she tries to eat all of our food! I asked her doctor if it was okay to start feeding her and she said we could by Thanksgiving! So Anna's first dinner will be on Thanksgiving! How special!

*Can pull her feet up to her mouth to eat them. She just did this for the first time last night. I got so excited!

*Loves to be held. She still does not like her bouncer or anything yet. I am hoping she will start to like them soon, it will only be a few more months until she does not need them anymore!

*Has refined her limb movement greatly. She can now grasp and catch things with ease.

*Uses her legs as a communication tool. She will kick her legs in specific patterns when she is happy or upset. It is so funny to hear it accompany her coos!

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