Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Month in Review: October 2012

October was a good month for my family. We participated in several fall activities, found a new place to move into, celebrated my two year blogiversary, I worked Color me Rad and we even had some Halloween fun! What a busy month! Here's what we did:

This month we celebrated Lon's birthday and Uncle Aaron's birthday. Alan and I made Lon a birthday card and birthday cupcakes, and we got him some new clothes for his birthday. Anna's friend Cordelia also celebrated her first birthday, she had a fun costume party at her house for it. Mama Heather made so much cool food, it was so awesome! I also celebrated my two year blogiversary, along with it came some new changes to my blog. Hope everyone likes it! Its not a big anniversary but Lon and I also celebrated our year and a half wedding anniversary. We are pretty excited to have made it a year and a half! :D We hope for at least sixty more years! We also celebrated Halloween this year. Alan is old enough to enjoy Halloween and we could not wait to do all the fun things we did! We went to Healthy Halloween with Kelton and Kelsie, had a Halloween party at Alan's school and then went trick or treating with Uncle Kalvin and Aunt April. What a fun Halloween!

Fall had officially begun in the Big Sky, so Alan and I played with the fallen leaves and helped Grandpa Kevin rake up his yard to start out the season! We got the official okay on our new house and started moving in later this month! I love our new house, its perfect for our family! My cousin in law Maddie had her baby shower, a cute Winnie the Pooh themed party, this month. It was so much fun to see her! She is such a little cutie! I was able to hang out with another pregnant mama too before she gave birth on October 29th, Miss Jessica and I took our families (minus Lon, who had to work) to the corn maze for some fall fun! Alan loved the whole time he spent with Carly and her cousins, he loved the hay bale jungle gym! I also got to experience the beauty of Color me Rad this month, by working with the blue crew throwing the cornstratch. COOLEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!

Even though we were preparing to move houses, I had quite a lot to think about and write this month. I wrote about baby wearing and my love for it. Anna enjoys it almost as much as I do, which is a bonus! I reviewed the new television show The Week The Women Went and explored life on the "greener grass" side. I shared my own version of three bean chili with you readers. I hope some of you have tried it, we have at least once since I posted it! Yum! I also shared our weird milk substitutions for cereal. There are some weird things but the household favorite was peanut butter. I showed you an interesting breast feeding chart that I found on Facebook. How many of these breast feeding positions have you tried with your children???? I also broke my vow of non-materialism for Buddhism by desiring a specific piece of nest jewelry. Maybe for Christmas? And finally, I had my first book review in almost a year, for the Hunger Games. What a fantastic book, I cannot wait for the second one!

There was a lot to share about Alan and Anna this month. After getting Anna's newborn pictures finally developed, I shared hers and Alan's newborn pictures to compare. Anna turned three months old October seventh and has started trying to crawl, sit up and eat food! Crazy girl! She has been having some slight weight gain issues, which have thankfully been corrected. She is back to her regular gaining schedule now and we are very thankful for this! I compared the songs I used to sing with Alan to the songs I sing to Anna now. Several of them are different but most of them are the same. I thought about the importance of motherhood to me and how my life has changed since having children. Since it was Halloween, we held our first annual Guess My Halloween Costume Game. I gave you readers five clues before revealing their costumes after Halloween. Here is the first, second, third, fourth and fifth clues for the GMHC Game!

What a great month October was! I hope that November is just as good! It is the month to be thankful, so it very well should be!

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