Friday, November 16, 2012

Snowy Adventures

It snowed over the weekend. We were the last people in Montana to have a snowfall, I think Missoula got it first, but we got it pretty light thankfully. The day started out with light rain and ended with heavy snowfall. By the next morning, there was a blanket of snow all over the ground. Alan was so excited when he saw it falling, it was almost like he had never seen snow. I guess it was a year ago that he last saw snow and he was really little. :) But the first words out of his mouth that morning was, "Mama, let's go play in the snow!!" He could not even wait for his snow pants to be washed. My little snow lover, he is just like his mama!

We went outside for maybe only twenty minutes but by the time we were done, there was not a bit of snow untouched in our yard. Alan ran from one fence to the other, all around his tree and chased after me with snowballs. He would trip and fall face first into the snow, giving himself a "white wash" (I think that's what we called it when we were kids?) and loving every moment of it. I have never heard him so hysterical. Even when he was all covered in snow and cold, he did not want to go inside! I had to bribe him with a warm bath and some hot chocolate to get him inside. Silly little man!

What do you like to do during winter?

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