Monday, November 5, 2012

Moving Challenges

Friday, I said that I would post about all of our current moving challenges and obstacles we have faced this past month with our dream house. Well if irony would not have it, we had even MORE challenges and obstacles presented to us this whole weekend. Thus making it near to impossible for me to even have a chance to write this post, let alone actually proof and post it. Ugh life is so difficult lately. I remind myself daily that we are in soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better of shape than a lot of those living on the East Coast, but I still find myself occasionally slipping and complaining. Its frustrating, really. To prevent myself from just completely sounding like a cry baby whiner, I have been with holding information from you, my readers, again. I am sorry, I seem to keep doing that. What I am realizing is that this is not really whining, this blog is a form of a venting system for me as well as a chronicle of my life. Looking back on my life so far, I enjoy remembering the hard times because they were the most precious, the most raw moments of my life. They are the moments that truly helped me grow as an adult and as a person. I cherish those moments now. I need to remember to chronicle the good times and the bad times, trying not to sugar coat it too much. I know that you readers are loyal, you will not abandon me because I have a bad day. So I will share with you now all of our moving challenges.

Remember this post from earlier this month? Yeah that was technically when we got the place. Almost a whole month ago. I put in our month notice for our current place (which I had to do at that time period anyways, because we refused to sign another lease on this place) and we started packing. Our new landlord mentioned there were some things that needed to be fixed and that it would take around a week to "turn over" the place. We were okay with that. We continued with all the usual moving preparations- countless address changes, box packing, decluttering and donation, switching utilities over into our name. We waited that week and then called him. Our landlord informed us that it would be another week due to a carbon monoxide leak in the furnace. He needed a replacement piece and was waiting on that. We assured him it was okay, we would definitely rather be safe and have everything fixed before moving our family in, but reminded him of our deadline. He told us to call back in a week.

A week later, I gave him a call and his news was grim. He said the place would not be ready until the first due to the replacement part just arriving. I told him that it would not work for us to move out on the first, we had to be out of this place by then and I needed to do my own turn over cleaning. He promised me that he would bust it out for us. I was skeptical of this, as a parent, so I found a back up duplex for us to move into at a cheaper price. It was no where near as nice as my dream house but it would have sufficed for us. I even let the landlrd know that this was only an option. I waited for our landlord's call and none came. So we started to prepare to move into this new place. That night before we signed the lease, our new landlord called, telling us the place was finally fixed. I called the other landlord, letting her know that our place had opened up. She was very happy for us. We prepared to move again.

Monday night, I signed the lease and recieved the keys to our house. It finally felt like ours. I remember being so very happy at that moment and feeling like we would move in by Halloween. How wrong was I. :/

That night, I had my friends Chelsea, Kelsie and her husband Keith help me move a few loads over. It smelled a little gassy in there, but I assumed it was due to being closed up after the leak had been fixed. I aired the place out and thought nothing more of it. Tuesday night, my father and my cousin Blake helped me move a few loads over and it once again smelled slightly gassy. My father and Blake both commented on it. My father told me to leave the windows open overnight and then do a carbon monoxide reading with our alarm the next morning. I decided to not do much with the house over Halloween, except for closing the windows and checking the smell. Once again, it stank of gas.

Thursday, I called our gas company and had the gas man meet us at the house for an inspection. Our jeep has officially broke down and we are still waiting on the Cadillac to be fully fixed (hopefully the end of next week), so we had to walk over to the new house. And I spaced completely as usual, leaving Anna's stroller at the new house. So we walked the ten whole blocks in the cold carrying Anna and occasionally Alan. Needless to say, it stunk to the maximum. But we got there and met up with the gas man, which I am so grateful for now. He did a inspection and discovered that all the carbon monoxide leaks had been taken care of but there were two minor gas leaks, that were still dangerous. He showed me where they were and what to do so I could show our landlord.

So this is where we are now: we have been waiting over the weekend for our landlord to fix the problems, camping out in our living room with all of the other rooms spotless at this point. Today we are having the gas man come back to make a follow up inspection and we will go from there. Please pray we can move in soon, we only have until the seventh at our old place!

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