Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This Week in the Andersen Household

Still fixing and figuring out A LOT of things with our new house and I still have yet to get our internet set up at all. Plus, I am so busy dealing with everything, I barely have time to sit down during the day, let alone write a blog post. Le sigh... But we are still here, still alive and still HAPPY, so that is good. Here is what has been happening with us this week.

Let me say, I love where I work!! 

I love that my job has occasional little perks like getting ballon swords and shields blown for your three year old... FOR FREE!!!! This was Alan's treat I brought home from work this last Saturday. Yeah, I knew there was a reason I worked there lol! Not really, there are many other reasons, but the perks are just wonderful!

One way to find out if you stay at home too much??? You take pictures of fallen towels because they look artistic to you. Check!

We have been having unbelievable amounts of problems with this new house. I do not even want to fully go into it yet, for fear that we may end up with even more. I am starting to feel like this house might not have been the best idea but I still love it so much, I am having a hard time dealing with it. This last week, our basement flooded with sewage water. It destroyed more than half of our laundry, our Christmas tree, most of our shoes, our baby fence and several other baby things from Alan that we had been saving for Anna. I was pretty devastated over the whole thing, I mean I had just stocked up Alan's and Anna's winter clothes. Almost all of Alan's clothes were destroyed, he has maybe three pairs of pants now. It has really opened our eyes up to the necessities in life and how they are the only important things in life.

Lon felt bad that our tree was destroyed, he thought and thought for a few days of a way to make up for it. He wanted it to still be special for us. He finally came up with the coolest idea, something that I will definitely be Pinterest'ing in a later post! But for now, here is our 2D tree!

We are one day away from Thanksgiving, and all the excitement that comes with it! Oh how I love holidays, it is an excuse for everyone to be as happy and loving as I am everyday lol! I love to spend time with my family too! This year, my family will be going up to Townsend to see my grandparents, aunts and uncles. I will be missing them tons, as well as my Broadwater County family. But our Thanksgiving will be quite busy and exciting as well! We plan on going to Grandma Amber's house and Great Grandma Carol's house for our Thanksgiving meals. Not to mention, it will be Anna's first time eating solids! We got the approval from her pediatrician, who we LOVE by the way, we just cannot wait! I will be sure to post some pictures! She is such a big girl!

Look at her, wearing a dress with tights!
That is what is up with our family this week! I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know that we will!

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