Monday, July 21, 2014

Anna and Benton's Birthday Party Weekend!

Yay! We finally got through the big birthday parties that Natalie and I have been planning, in detail, since probably March lol. Phew in my opinion it was quite worth it though, both kids had a wonderful time! Plus, Natalie and I were able to be apart of both parties! :D We did it! Lol, I just want to take the time now to thank everyone who helped us make these parties soooo awesome! Thanks to Aunt Natalie and Uncle Jake for helping me plan the parties and helped with Anna's birthday cake. Thanks to my parents for supplying the chairs and tables and for helping us with transportation. Thanks to Aunt April for helping supervise the crazy kiddos and to Uncle Kalvin for entertainment. Thanks to my friends from work for helping with the bubbles and the kiddos too. :) And a HUGE thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate! Honestly, Anna's party wouldn't have been as special without all of you guys! We love you all! Thanks again! :D

We started our day at Benton's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. Both Aunt Natalie and I worked there when we were younger, and Aunt Natalie had some sentiment towards the place. She sooooooo wanted her first child's first birthday to be there, and she got her way! :) It was a great party! I don't want to jabber too much about B's party lol, that's for Aunt Natalie to do. But I will show a bunch of pictures!

Anna, Benton, Aunt Natalie and I with the Cheese himself!

The birthday kiddos with Grandma Melanie

There was this big Ticket Blaster machine thing that the birthday kids got to go into as a part of the birthday package. It swirls the tickets around you in a funnel room and you have to grab as many as you can out of the air! We had never done it before (it was waaaaaaaaay before my time working there lol) and it looked quite interesting. However, Benton and Anna were too young to go inside by themselves, so big Alan and Uncle Kalvin went in for them! I was pretty proud of Mister Alan for going by himself, he seemed a bit scared of the whole thing at first, but then he warmed up and ended up catching over 50 tickets! Good job Alan! Uncle Kalvin caught the 1000 ticket paper and won big for Benton too! :) It was awesome for everyone!!

After Benton's party, we had to rush to Terry Park for Anna's birthday party. We had Lon saving our spot in the park for us, I ran and grabbed her birthday balloons with Miss Anna, my mom and sisters ran to get the cake and chairs. We thankfully made it all in time, okay we were probably 8 minutes late lol. :P But I was quite proud of everyone, we hustle very well!

We all started out playing in the water park. There were so many kids in our party, I think we had a total of sixteen kids at the party! Biggest party I have had by far! The kids eventually got bored of playing in the sprinklers and started a massive water fight. It was crazy, Lon and I got soaked! The kids had a blast though, so it totally was worth it. I swear people must've thought Lon was either crazy or totally awesome, he had all the kids chasing after him pretty much the whole darn party! Lol, love my husband so much! He is fantastic with children!
Anna with Daddy and her birthday balloons
Walking around the water park with Mama
So let me tell you a story about Anna's cake. I had all these big things planned for her cake: try to cut off the edges of the sheet cake and then placing them on top of said cake to frost and make it look like a castle. Yeah, that definitely did not work out right. I didn't do more research and forgot that stacking cake means it needs pillars… The darn slices slid right off as I started frosting them. I wasted some cake, wasted a lot of frosting and frustrated myself beyond belief. Then I took a deep breath, calmed myself down, reminded myself that Anna would love it anyways because it was pink, and I fixed it. Was it the beautiful, amazing castle cake I had planned in my head? Certainly not. But it WAS Miss Anna's birthday cake that I had put so much thought, so much work, so much LOVE into. And everyone thought it was delicious and awesome! Mama score even though it felt like a fail? I think so!

I think that both parties were a HUGE success! Benton and Anna had such a wonderful time, and so did everyone else! Before I leave you, I want to post our family photo from the party. The last one we had was Christmas and the kids were so wild and wiggly. It made for a blurry photo, but I am proud to say that six months later, the kids are older and our photo is clear! Yay! :D Thanks again to everyone who helped make things so special for the kids, you are all so fantastic!

Happy birthday Benton and Anna! 

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