Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Birthday Celebrations

So yesterday was my birthday. Isn't that so cool, that my mom had her first child the day before her birthday? Yeah we always thought so too lol. :P

My friend and I at Relay this year,
sorry I took no photos of my face on my actual bday lol

I didn't do too much crazy things for my birthday, in fact when I told my friends at work my plans, they all teased me and said I sounded like their parents lol. I guess most people don't think 25 year olds want to take their kids to a water park and then go out to dinner with their husband for their birthday, partying and bar-crawling was the typical idea they had. But I am no typical lady. :) I had a good birthday too! I was able to see all of my favorite students at school, they sang to me twice there. I took my kids and my brother to an awesome place (even though we missed my bestie and her kiddos because we were too slow, boo), and then I got to spend some quality time with the man of my life. It was a perfect birthday, even if it seemed like it was one for a 30 year old lol.

After I got off of work, we took the kids up to the Oasis Waterpark. We were supposed to meet up with Kelsie and her boys, but we ended up just barely missing them. Darn! We still ended up going with Uncle Kalvin, Grandma Melanie and Kal's friend Gabe though. And we saw so many YMCA kids there, it was crazy! We had a great time! The Oasis has four main areas: the baby water park, the splash play area, the Lazy River and the big kid slides. The kids and I mostly stayed at the baby water park and the splash play area. Both kids did go swimming through the Lazy River with Grandma Melanie a few times though!

Grandma Melanie, Anna and Alan swimming the Lazy River

After swimming for about an hour, we had a birthday treat and dried off. The kids both picked a Jolly Rancher Swirl Popsicle and I had an Ice Cream Sandwich. Yum! Then it was time for us to head home so that I could prepare for my dance class. We were only probably there for two hours total, but it was just long enough for the kiddos. It was a raging hundred degrees out there yesterday! Blah! Swimming was the perfect plan to keep us nice and cool!

My dance class was awesome! We had a little birthday party planned and four kids in my class brought me little birthday gifts! Aw, it was so sweet! I got two bracelets, several adorable cards, a Peep yellow colored nail polish and several amazing works of art! I also got so many hugs I couldn't count! We had a rainbow fruit salad for my birthday treat, instead of cake or cookies. We like to always be healthy at the YMCA and the kiddos loved it! We talked about the differences and similarities of the fruits, which colors of the rainbow had multiple fruits, and which fruits were their favorites. I think that each kid filled up on fruit though, because their was nothing left afterwards! Lol, at least it was healthy. :)

Lon took me out for my birthday dinner after dance class. He let me pick which place to go to, but as most people know, I am terrible at picking out things! I can never make a decision that I stick with, it drives most people crazy! I wanted to try Hibachi Steakhouse and Grill, but you have to have a reservation. I thought that we should also try the new nightclub in town Island, but I decided that we should just go out to dinner. We are such old people lol… So after an HOUR of sitting around asking each other where to go, we decided to go to Outback Steakhouse again. It was quite good this time around too! I do have to say that Outback is officially on my favorites list!

My handsome husband with his crab claw friend

Lon was wild this time around and got himself a Huckleberry Hooch and some Crab claws for dinner. I stuck it "old school" and got my normal French Onion Soup with a Chicken on the Barbie. I had some of Lon's (everything but the crab, yuck) and it was delicious. Mine was also just as amazing! My chicken had a lot of tenderness and moisture for being cooked on a grill. Yum, yum, yum! Unfortunately, I spaced taking so many photos. I only got these two! Blogger Mom Fail! Lol, but I had an amazing time with my handsome husband, does it make up for the fact that I didn't take any pictures of myself? Yes…

All in all, it was a pretty fantastic birthday. I do have to say though, I certainly don't feel 25 right now. Is it supposed be a sudden change lol? Just joking! :P By the way, only a week until we leave for Aunt Natalie and Uncle Jake's wedding. ONE WEEK… I cannot even believe that its that close!

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