Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer So Far

I figured after yesterday's post that today I would post about our summertime happenings so far. Because we have been BUSY!!!! Lol, so I will share each big event with you all. So far this summer we have:

Alan's T-Ball Game

We were asked by my boss to join in on the last T-Ball game of the season. They were short one player and Alan was the man to help out! :) Alan was a bit upset at first that he didn't come prepared with a mitt like the other children, but after a friend lent him one, he was all better. He was pretty good at being an Outfielder, he loved running after the ball and throwing it to the next kid. He just forgot to always stay in his area lol. Alan also did a good job batting but struggled with the concept of running from one base to the next lol. Kids… :) He still did a wonderful job trying though! Go Team Orange!!!!

The Renaissance Faire

Aunt April and I took the kids to the Renaissance Faire at Zoo Montana for the first time ever. They have had it there before, but I had honestly never thought of going. But I figured with the kids a bit older now, they would enjoy it more then they would have the previous years anyways. And I was right! They loved checking out all the interesting booths, looking at all the animals, listening the minstrels, meeting the King and Queen of the Faire, watching the jousters and all the other performers. It was quite a learning experience too! I talked with Alan a lot about all the differences between life now and life back then. He is so curious about everything now, I just love it! Anna loved all the pretty ladies in big dresses too, but she was too shy to say hi to the Queen. She did however pick out a butterfly hair clip from the Fairy Queen though! She told her "Thank You" even! Big girl!

Tatum's Tie-Dye Birthday Party

We celebrated Miss Tatum's fifth birthday party as is tradition with our family. Tatum is a family friend and we have known her and her family since birth. Alan and her are great friends, we have been to almost all of her parties! :) This year's party was a tie-dye water gun fight! So creative! I wish I was as creative as their mama Heather, she always hosts the coolest birthday parties! Alan, Anna and I all participated in the fights and Alan had a blast! He was a goofball and kept falling over during his fight but he still got covered in dye! Anna had more fun running around Alan's fight, when it was our turn, she got quite upset that she could not figure out how to shoot the water gun. But she still got nice and covered and her shirt turned out very colorful! :D Thanks for always inviting us to your AWESOME birthday parties guys! We love them!

Cousin Sophie's Rainy Birthday Party

We always celebrate Sophie's birthday party shortly after Miss Tatum's party. I believe this year they were actually on the same week! :) We love our cousin Sophie, she is such a sweetheart! Alan and her are officially at that age of "Boys v.s. Girls" now, so they chased each other around and around for most of the party lol. We were supposed to go swimming at the little wading pool they have at the park, but it started raining and they closed the pool down. We didn't mind the rain though, it was cool and we were already planning on getting wet lol! :) One of the really cool things though, my cousin Ashley (Sophie's mama) announced her new pregnancy at Sophie's party! Congratulations Weis family! I was so shocked to find out, last I had spoke with her they weren't planning on having any more kids. But they clearly got bit by the bug again lol. :P She is due sometime Fall/Winter 2014, I am so excited for them! I hope she has a boy, I don't know that Sophie could handle having a little sis to compete with. She is the sass of the family after all!

Alan's Summer Soccer Camp

Alan started soccer camp the following week. Its every Saturday for the remainder of the summer at Pioneer Park. He did soccer in the spring too, and loved it, so I decided to sign him up for the outside camp this summer. He remembers almost everything he learned from the last time, and has been helping the other kids learn too. :) My big boy is so helpful! Love you boo!

Fourth of July Fun!

My parents went out of town for the Fourth of July, so we didn't end up doing anything too wild and crazy lol. We were originally going to go to the fireworks show at Castlerock Park, like we did the year I had Anna, but decided to stay home and watch fireworks on the tv instead. It kept trying to storm and rain the whole day, so we didn't want to risk getting rained out. But I cooked cheeseburgers and made salads for the holiday, we had rocket popsicles for our treat, and then the kids played with their glowsticks after bath time. A very low-key holiday but it really was just what my family needed. We were happy and together for the whole day! :) It was perfect for us!

Anna's Second Birthday

Anna turned two years old three days after the fourth. We didn't have her birthday party on her actual birthday, only because we wanted to wait until Aunt Natalie, Uncle Jake and Benton were present for it as well. We woke up nice and early, had a birthday breakfast with her, then we took her birthday shopping and to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch. Afterwards, we visited Grandma and Grandpa to open some of her birthday presents. It was a pretty fun little day! Happy birthday beautiful girl. :)

Alan's Preschool Summer Camp

Alan went to his first week of preschool summer camp the week of Anna's birthday. He just loved it! The week's theme was Mission: Possible! and they explored a bunch of spy and science stuff! He learned about magnets and water and many other awesome things. They went to Pioneer Park for swimming one day and the library for story time as their field trip day. He even got an awesome camp shirt! :) His next week of camp isn't until the week before school starts, but he can't wait. As I said before I snapped this photo, "Raise your hand if you love summer camp!!"

Relay for Life 2014

I participated and volunteered in my second Relay for Life this summer. For those of you who do not know what Relay is, it is a walk for cancer awareness and research put on by the American Cancer Society. We have had it in Billings for years now, and I had never thought to participate until I started working at the YMCA. It is such an amazing experience, so much beauty and love all wrapped into one night, I can't believe that I never thought to try this out! But I am glad to do this with my Y family. We are all so close, our kids could be confused as cousins the way they all interact, I love my whole group of co-workers! :D We worked the bounce houses for the beginning of the event, then celebrated our LIVESTRONG group as they walked the Survivors' Lap, then we proudly walked with our huge LIVESTRONG banner for the Company Walk. Alan and Anna only stayed until the walking began, but they had a blast playing in the three different bounce houses. It was a wonderful event for all!

Jurassic Quest: Walking with the Dinosaurs

We heard about this awesome new event happening at the Metra Park called the Jurassic Quest: Walking with the Dinosaurs. It was quite expensive to go to (even Miss Anna costed us about ten dollars to play) but in my personal opinion, it was totally worth it! We went with Grandma Melanie and Uncle Kalvin, we were all there for probably three hours total. There were so many different things to look at and do! They had an animatronic dinosaur museum area, full of probably 30 different types of dinosaurs that moved! It was pretty sweet! They had five different bounce houses DINOSAUR-THEMED too, one where the kids even came out from underneath a triceratops dinosaur! They had fossil digging too, a science section, face painting, walking puppeteer dinosaurs, a craft section and a dino photo booth area. They also had animatronic dinosaur rides, Alan and Anna both had to go on those! It was so cool! I hope they come back next year too, the kids just loved it and it was a wonderful way for everyone to beat the heat and learn something about our earth's history and the animals that once lived on it. If you have the Jurassic Quest headed to your town soon, do not miss out on it! Even though its a bit spendy, your kids will love it and you will too!

Aunt Ariel's 14th Birthday

Aunt Ariel has officially been a teenager for a year… What a weird thought! Her birthday is ten days before mine and we had a special day of fun planned for our young lady! We took her to Tipsy Cupcake and then to the mall for some shopping. It was the perfect birthday celebration for a teenager, she loved it! Happy birthday Ariel! :D Okay, let me divulge on these cupcakes, they were amazing but they were so rich. Ariel got a German Chocolate cupcake, I got a Black Tie (Chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting and chocolate sprinkles), Alan had a Chocolate Craziness (all chocolate lol) and Anna got a Party Animal (all vanilla with rainbow sprinkles). They were sooooooooo good! Yum! Definitely gourmet cupcakes though, I could only have a bite of Alan's it was so darn rich!

What have YOU done this summer? Keeping busy and healthy, I hope! 

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