Thursday, July 31, 2014

Preparing for our Family Vacation and another Thriller night!

Its been crazy week for us here at the Andersen clan! I have a lot going on with my hip hop and gymnastics classes this week, plus we are leaving tonight for Aunt Natalie and Uncle Jake's wedding weekend family vacation! Yay! This is the first time we will be going on a family vacation since before Anna was born. We are not going to Canyon Ferry like we traditionally do for our vacations, but we are headed up to Flathead Lake, some 10-12 hours away from here. Due to my class scheduling, we will be doing the trip in two sections: tonight we will drive from here to the Helena area, before grabbing a hotel for the night. Then tomorrow, we will drive the last few hours to Flathead Lake.

The wedding is on Saturday but Friday evening will be spent decorating and setting up the reception area and with Miss Natalie's Bacherlorette party! Sunday will be a family vacation day for us. We do not have anything specific planned, just fun touristy stuff. I want to go to the lake at some point, since we are staying in the campground and the wedding is in a surrounding meadow. But as long as Lon and I are together with the kids, I will be fine with anything! :) I absolutely cannot wait for the vacation, it has been a long time coming! Lon is not looking forward to the drive up there, but I am sure he will have a good time once we arrive. I personally cannot contain the excitement!

I will not do any posting for the remainder of the week. We will be camping, so there will be no internet there. And I believe in unplugged from the online world during family vacations, so I will only be using my phone for calls and taking photos. I may send a few snapshots to Facebook, but I doubt I will even be checking that. I will post asap next week though! :)

Before I leave you all for the weekend though, I wanted to share with you this amazing picture. As someone of you clever readers may have guessed from the title, we performed another Thriller last night with my hip hop class. They did wonderful, they were full of expression and executed each movement the way their chosen monster would have moved. I loved the whole thing! But I do have to admit, the BEST part of the whole performance was one of my students' costumes. I have been waiting for many sessions for someone to dress as Michael Jackson in the Thriller music video and finally one of my students did! It was such an awesome costume, made out of duct tape and a leather jacket. I loved it so much, I started crying a bit! I love the dedication that my students have for their art form! You are all amazing! Here is his costume, with yours truly at his side! :) Congratulations my BBoys and BGirls!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I will post again next week!

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