Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Benton!

Today is my nephew's FIRST birthday!!!
Happy Birthday buddy!!

I love my little man so much! Although I was not present at his birth, I remember the day he was born very well. We were in Billings and Nat was in Missoula, but I waited by my phone for any updates in progress lol! Then around just before eleven o'clock at night, we got the first picture of him! He was so tiny but sooooooooooo handsome! I loved him the minute I saw him, and instantly wanted more photos of him. Heck, I wanted to walk right up to Missoula right away to hold him! It was truly love at first sight, just as it was with my own children. :) 

Then a few weeks after his birth, they came to town so that I could meet him. I was seriously on Cloud 9 that weekend, my beautiful little nephew had come down to meet my family! He was so small and sweet and perfect. Gah! I loved him so much then and I love him so much now! Mr. B has grown up so much since then! He is now racing Miss Anna in weight gaining lol! He may beat her out soon, she is a little Minnie. :P He is trying to walk, talks all the time and is still the sweetest little man ever! I have had the pleasure of babysitting him for my sister several times now, and I love when my trio is all together! Alan and Anna just adore him, and the feelings are mutual. He is fascinated with Alan and all the big kid things he does and loves how Anna's brings him anything he ever wants lol. They are the Three Amigos, the best cousins ever! :D Oh how I love their unbreakable bond at this young age!

Benton and I, then...

And now!!!

I cannot wait to see him again! They will all be coming to town on Friday, to celebrate Anna and Benton's birthdays this weekend! We held off on Anna's birthday party until this weekend so that Aunt Natalie and Uncle Jake could be present at her party. We will celebrate Benton's first at Chuck E. Cheese and then will make the trek to the little water park at Terry Park for Miss Anna's birthday party! I am so excited to actually get to be at Benton's first birthday party, Aunt Natalie and Uncle Jake have had to miss a lot of the kids' previous parties because of the distance, but I am blessed to have a sister who can travel! I love you Nan!

And now, I will leave you with some ADORABLE pictures of Benton playing with his birthday balloon. Love you so much snuffy! Happy first birthday Benton!!!!

Auntie loves you so much, little man. Happy birthday, hope it was everything you ever dreamed it would be. <3

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