Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there! Especially to Lon, my brother Darren, my father Kevin, my father-in-law Steve, my Grandfather Louie, my Grandfather Floyd, my Grandfather Gordon, my Grandfather-in-law Stan and my other Grandfather-in-law Floyd. I hope everyone's Father's Day is fantastic and relaxing. You men deserve it! :)

Today for Father's Day, Alan and I made Lon breakfast. I cooked him eggs and sausage while Alan helped me cut fruit and cook the waffles. Then we gave him his gift, new clothes and a homemade card from the both of us. Lon loved them. Then I read Lon Alan's Dad in the Eyes of a Two Year Old, which he throughly enjoyed. Here it is:

Dad in the Eyes of a Two Year Old

What is something Dad always says to you?
Yes and No

(Lol okay, I guess he does sometimes but I think he says other things more)

What makes Dad happy?
A song, an elephant, a Transformer and a car

(I understand the song, Transformer and car but the elephant? Sounds more like Mama)

How does your Dad make you laugh?
Makes funny faces

(Well, he does do that a lot)

What was your Dad like as a child?
He was like me and Dad!

(Yes, I'd buy that he was like you when he was little but himself lol?)

How old is your Dad?
Three, just like me!

(Wait, you aren't three yet lol)

If your Dad were a character, who would he be?
Like Alan

(Lol you are definitely a character Alan)

What is his favorite thing to do?
Color cars, spiders and ghosts

(Maybe that's his favorite thing to do with you, little man)

If your Dad becomes famous, what will it be for?
Building a robot to smash cars

(This one is pretty close lol, Lon wishes to become a famous inventor)

What does your Dad do for a job?
A house

(I'm not even sure about this one lol, Lon works at a gym and a restaurant)

What do you and your Dad do together?
Ride in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse rocket ship!

(What lol? Quite the imagination!)

How are you and your Dad the same?
Our haircuts

(Well you both got your hair cut pretty dang short around the same time, but I was thinking of a few other similarities)

How are you and your Dad different?
His feet!

(Hold on, how are your feet different? They are always both stinky lol)

How do you know your Dad loves you?
Hugs and I love Dad too!

(This one is so sweet...)

What does your Dad like most about your Mom?
Her car

(Gee thanks lol, except I know that this one is totally wrong. Lon hates my car lol)

How old was your Dad when you were born?
A baby, just like you and me!

(So you are telling me that we were all babies when you were born lol? Somedays I wonder...)

I hope that all you dads (and single mamas too) have a wonderful day with your children today. Remember, the best gift your children can give you is their love. And they give it to you every single day, without fail. :) Happy Father's Day everyone!!!

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