Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Weekly Midwife Appointment and My Birth Plan

Today I had my first weekly midwife appointment. I again met with Katie, one of my new favorite midwives. I took my Group B Strep test and thankfully it wasn't all that bad. She weighed me and to our surprise, I gained a pound finally! :D Yes! My blood pressure was good, it was its usual low self lol. She then checked on Miss Anna and estimated her to weigh about five and a half pounds, similar to the ultrasound technician's prediction. Anna is still head down and had a healthy heart beat of 140 bpm. Then we talked about the hospital visit. She gave me a handout to fill out for my birth plan but I told her since this was my second, I had already written my own. Katie was very pleased with this and asked me to bring it next week. Here it is, for anyone who might need an idea what of a thorough birth plan looks like:

Birth Plan

Mother's Name: Jillian Andersen
Baby's Name: Anna Ariel Andersen
Due Date: July 17, 2012
Blood Type: O+
Allergies: No Known Allergies

Hospital Admission and Procedures

Support Person Name: Lon Andersen

(All other guests may wait in the Family Waiting Room. I will ask for their presence during labor if I so desire to.)

As long as our health allows it, I would like to:
*Have the option to go home if not in active labor
*Have my support person with me at all times
*Have only attending midwife and nurses present for labor and delivery, please no medical students or other personnel
*Not be induced during labor
*If I must be induced, I would prefer to try stripping and/or rupturing of the membranes, nipple stimulation or any other natural induction methods before trying Pitocin

(Needles and/or blood make me light headed and most likely to pass out. Anyone who will be using needles around me should have knowledge of this and take extreme care.)

Laboring Procedures

As long as our health allows it, I would like to:

*Try to stay hydrated by water instead of IV drip
*Have intermittent monitoring of baby while I labor
*Have external monitoring only
*Move and/or walk while I labor

Other Interventions and Pain Management Techniques

As long as our health allows it, I would like to:
*Use the bathtub, shower and birthing ball to further my progress
*Use my breathing techniques
*Practice meditation during contractions
*Use massage and reflexology to help me through my labor

Do not offer me pain medication. If I decide that I would like some, I will ask.

Delivery Procedures

As long as our health allows it, I would like to:
*Have as little noise in the room as possible
*Have no pictures to be taken until after the birth
*Deliver without a time limit and be allowed to push when I feel necessary
*Avoid a Cesarian Section
*Avoid using forceps or a vacuum to help with delivery
*Avoid an episiotomy

Delivery Positions

As long as our health allows it, I would like to practice delivery in the following positions:
*On hands and knees

After the Delivery

As long as our health allows it, I would like to:
*Hold baby and breastfeed immediately, postponing any procedures that can't be done while baby is on me
*Have all procedures to happen in the presence of my support person or I
*Have no visitors until my son has met baby (whoever is his current caretaker is also welcome)
*Breastfeed exclusively! No formula or sugar water please
*Have pacifiers used only after first successful breastfeeding
*Have my support person and baby room in with me
*Go home as soon as possible

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