Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our Fun Day in the Sun

Today is another warm one. Its up in the 90s currently. Whoo! Alan and I are spending most of the day with Uncle Kalvin, playing in the backyard, eating popsicles and running through the sprinklers to cool down.

Sunday was a hot 87 degrees out and Alan was wild with cabin fever, as is usual on nice sunny days. My mom and I decided to get the boys together to do something fun. After some back and forth, we decided the best place would be Geyser Park. They have an indoor arcade center with laser tag and tubes for the kiddos to climb through, as well as a mini golf course, bumper boats and go carts outside. They also had food for lunch lol, our main concern at that point. :P We arrived and right away ordered a pizza and nachos for the four of us. We chowed the nachos and then watched the boys play around in the tubes and play the arcade games. Alan rode on the car and helicopter rides and then hit one jackpot after another on the games lol! He was on a roll!

After lunch, we went outside to play a round of mini golf. Originally, I was going to play against Uncle Kalvin with Alan's help but Alan had totally different plans lol. He decided he wanted to be Mama's Little Golfer and do it all by himself lol. It was pretty cute. :) There was a lot of waterfalls, fountains and rivers on the golf course so my mom and I had quite the time retrieving the boys' golfballs lol. Thankfully, there was one where you had to hit it into the river on purpose. I think that one was the boys' favorite, they did it like a hundred times lol. While we were golfing, Aunt April and her friend Andra showed up to play. Alan was pretty excited to see her, as was I because it meant I didn't have to take Alan on the bumper boats lol.

Alan's own style of golfing. 

After cooling down from our grueling session of golf in the sun, we decided to do the bumper boats. Alan, April, Kalvin and Andra were the only ones who went out so they got free reign of the whole little pool! At first, Alan was nervous. He wouldn't look me in the eyes but was trying his best to keep smiling. Then once he warmed up to it, Aunt April and him had a total blast! They would spin the boat and aim it for Uncle Kalvin's boat to bounce up against, making a big splash of water and Alan squeal with delight. Then Uncle Kalvin and Andra thought it would be funny to spin with "No Hands" lol and Andra almost lost her flip flop. Those crazy kids... :)

Alan and Aunt April

"Look Jill, no hands or feet!"
We went back inside for another quick break to cool down and while we were playing, Alan hit a jackpot of 270 tickets on this dinosaur game! I was just blown away lol! It was a game for older kids too and he still won the jackpot lol. Wow, my boy is lucky! :P Once the kids felt cool and refreshed, we headed out to get in line for the go carts. Alan rode with Grandma Melanie, Uncle Kalvin rode with Andra and Aunt April rode alone. The course was fenced off (obviously lol) so I wasn't able to get any pictures of them racing but according to Aunt April, she beat Grandma and Alan several times lol. That didn't matter too much to my mom though because Alan pretty much fell asleep on the ride. Silly little boy!

Its hard to see but Alan and Grandma in their go cart.
The kids were sweaty and exhausted at this point, so we went inside to have ice cream. Alan and I shared two scoops of Moose Tracks ice cream while everyone else went with the strawberry cheesecake or plain vanilla. Alan only wanted a few bites and was more about playing in the tubes again, so Aunt April and Andra ran him through a few times. Then the big kids went to play laser tag while Alan and I tried our luck again with the arcade games. And boy did I have a little lucky charm with me because Alan won over 400 tickets in total! That got him one big flipping car and two little pull-back cars. He was as happy as a lark lol!

Once we got back to Grandma's house, Grandma started making salads while Grandpa started to grill. The kids and I set up some fun water games to play. We set up the sprinkler in the front yard with water balloons and bubbles in the backyard. Alan wore just his shirt and pull up to run around in. After filling up the water balloons, Aunt April and Uncle Kalvin played catch with Alan running in between them throwing his own water balloons lol. Both Uncle Kalvin and Alan got totally soaked by the end of it, but they didn't mind!

He closes his eyes when he runs through lol!

To get them to dry off and chill out for dinner, we blew bubbles. Alan had never really blown bubbles on his own before and he was quite intrigued, so we let him try. He had a hard time getting the hang of it at first but figured out quickly how to blow them just right. :) Somehow though, the boys got back into the hoses and started spraying each other, re-soaking their freshly dried clothes. *Sigh* Oh well lol, boys will be boys no matter what you do. They were having a lot of fun too, singing "London Bridges" while they sprayed each other.

Ooooh, right in the face!
The day ended up being a great one, despite the heat. But unfortunately, all that heat caused my pregnant body to do some not very nice things to me, resulting in a hospital visit to Labor and Delivery... But that story is for tomorrow and the Pregnancy Post. Be sure to tune in!

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