Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ultrasound Update

I had my ultrasound yesterday morning bright and early at 8:50. I was a little exhausted and a little nervous lol, but excited to see Miss Anna. On the way into the appointment, I ran into my cousin Blake. He works at the building where my appointment was. It was nice to see him, since I hadn't seen him since my baby shower. He hugged me and told me to call him asap when I go into labor. His girlfriend and he are very excited for Anna's arrival lol. :)

Anna's 4D shot of her little face
The technician measured all of Anna (and yes, she still is an Anna lol, I had her check) to double check that she was up with her gestational age and thankfully, she only measured a couple days behind, which the technician said was no concern. Anna's heartbeat was a healthy 136 bpm, right where it should be now. And then she took a couple pictures for me. Anna was sleeping so they were pretty easy to get, except she had her arm over her face and wouldn't move it no matter what lol. The technician even had me switch sides in hopes that she would move it, but no luck. :) Stubborn girl!

The 3D shot of her face
After the 4D pictures, she took a few more for my midwives of the so-called "boring stuff" like the umbilical cord and the placenta. She said those looked good as well and that Anna had a healthy amount of fluid around her still. Then came the Movement Test. The technician gave Anna fifteen minutes to wake up before she would have to use this thing called the Buzzer. Thankfully, I never had to experience it lol because Anna woke up with five minutes to spare. The other part of the test required her to make two body wiggles, two leg kicks and to practice breathing for thirty seconds. She did all of this in a matter of two minutes, which even surprised the technician. :) She confirmed that Lon and I have one bouncing baby girl on the way and to prepare for lots of energy lol. I told her that we already know because we have a bouncing toddler boy who takes up just about all of our time and energy. :P

Profile view of her face and hand
The technician estimated Anna's weight was around five pounds and 14 ounces, almost a solid six pounds! After seeing the physician it was confirmed that I just hide my pregnancies well and that Anna is gaining all the weight instead of me. What a relief! Anna is perfectly on course and very healthy! Lon and I are so elated about this, we have been stressing non-stop about my weight gain lately. Yay! :D

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