Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Low-Key, Yet Eventful Weekend

Lol that sounds more like a oxy-moron than anything, but that was the weekend we had.

Saturday I had to work at the YMCA for only a couple hours, so we spent most of our day at home, hanging out and playing with Alan. We practiced Alan's Polar Bear ABC game and watched Cars 2 about a million times lol. It was a great low key day. Then that night, Lon and I used one of our giftcards from Christmas to go out to dinner at Red Robin. My wonderful mother volunteered to watch Alan for us for the whole night, since the rest of my family had gone out of town for the weekend. They had a great "sleepover" together, eating ice cream and watching Muppets Treasure Island.

Lon and I had a fantastic date together as well. :) We hadn't gone out kid-less since... Uh his birthday lol? So it was just awesome to get to go out and enjoy our time together. He ordered the Bleu Chesse Burger (ew lol) and I got the Classic Burger with a chocolate milkshake. Oh yeah lol, this pregnant mama got her fix of cravings. :P After dinner, we went home and watched a few movies before passing out REAL early! Yes! Apparently, Alan and my mother weren't as lucky lol. Alan was still up partying around eleven and midnight. Oops! :) At least he slept in til ten.

Sunday, it snowed! I was so excited, I could hardly handle it. I wanted to pick Alan up from my parent's and take him right out in it, but it was too cold. :( We have made plans to take him sledding at Pioneer Park with friends on Thursday. :) This snow had better stay!!! YOU HEAR ME MOTHER NATURE????

It was too cold to go play outside anywhere and Alan was restless at home, so we decided to let him pick where indoors he wanted to go. And guess what he picked, of all the things to pick in this weather lol?

Oh you know, ice cream lol. :)

Lol, do you see it snowing outside behind him? Yeah we made him eat with his coat on cos it was too cold.

Alan and I shared a big bowl of Oreo cookie dough ice cream mixed in with M&Ms and Lon got a Carmel ice cream mixed in with crumpled Oreo cookies and in a chocolate dipped cone. Yum, yum, yummy! Alan ate about half of the bowl lol and loved every minute of it. We snapped a few more pictures for funsies.

Daddy and Alan posing with their ice cream

We were like the only people in the store too lol, and the employees were pretty surprised to see us. I dunno if you have ever been to Cold Stone Cremery, they sing ALOT lol. When they make the ice cream, when they add in your extra igredients, and even at the cash register. Wow lol. We tipped them and they even had a song for it! Alan loved all the singing though, he would try and sing along with them or just make up his own words. It was really funny.

Mommy and Alan sharing ice cream

After ice cream, we went out to dinner with Grandma Melanie, Aunt Natalie and her boyfriend (who we had never met before) Jake at Texas Roadhouse. Aunt Natalie and Jake were in town for the weekend just to visit, and it was nice to meet him. My family were the only people in our family that hadn't met him yet, and it was nice to have the approval. And I definitely approve of him and think he is a great addition to our family!

I am officially in my second trimester now, hooray! Tune in tomorrow for my weekly Pregnancy Post!

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