Monday, January 23, 2012

Our Winter Adventure Through Pictures

Well no, we didn't go sledding. :P The weather never got better Friday and we didn't want to take the little ones sledding at the parks on the weekend, because all the school kids would be there. However, Sunday we went over to my parent's house to play in the snow with Uncle Kalvin.
Alan in his snowsuit. He calls it his Superman outfit lol!

We took the boys outside to play for about an hour, in the nice 30 degree weather. The sun was out and there was little to no wind, so it was perfect! Lon put Alan on a sled and pulled him around the yard. Alan was quite scared at first but then he started to get into it the longer Lon pulled him. But then Lon accidently started pulling him on uneven ground and it wigged him out lol, so he bailed into the snow. :)

Alan on the sled 

Alan was done with the sled after that lol. He decided he would just try and chase Uncle Kalvin and Daddy around, which was another challenge on its own. He had his big snow boots on and the snow was already crunchy and bumpy, so he had some issues. But he looked absolutely adorable running on it! Made me laugh!


And he wiped out!

Uncle Kalvin got tired from running and laid in the snow after a while. Alan thought that this was not okay lol. So he ran over to Uncle Kalvin and yelled at him until he got up lol. Uncle Kalvin wasn't exactly okay with Mr. Drill Sergent, so he made a snowball and started the snowball fight lol. :P

Alan yelling at Uncle Kalvin

Once the snowball fight started, I had to quickly snap a few last minute pictures before hiding because for some reason, the boys thought I was involved in the fight too. Hmmm a pregnant woman in a snowball fight? Doesn't sound fun to me lol! :P Lon was even getting into it too. He kept scooping up big handfulls of snow and tossing them at Alan, then laughing as he ran away squealing.

Daddy and Alan after Daddy threw a big pile at Alan.

Once we had throughly frozen ourselves, we all headed inside to have some hot chocolate and watch the football game with Grandpa Kevin. I don't care for football, unless I am physically at the game, so Alan and I played cars on the floor. Alan really liked his luke warm hot chocolate, but he thought it was chocolate milk lol.

After we were warm again, we went to Grandma Amber's house for a quick visit. We hadn't seen them all week, and Alan was really missing his Aunt Ariel. Unfortunately, she wasn't there when we were. :( But Alan entertained himself by chasing the dogs and cat all around the house with her foam sword. Uncle Chase thought that was quite amusing, until the tables were turned and he was being chased. That foam sword is HUGE lol! Its like as tall as Alan, yet he somehow has the sheer strength to pack it around. Strong man! :)

That night we had lasanga at my parent's house. Yes! I have been craving lasanga for like FOREVER lol and was so happy when my mom finally made it. And was it delicious! :) Best ever I do have to say so myself. All in all we had a good weekend and a wonderful Family Sunday together.

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