Thursday, January 19, 2012

Some sad news to report...

I am very sad to report that we had to postpone our sledding adventure today, until the weather is a little warmer. Right now, outside its -9 without the windchill lol. Brrrrrrr to the extreme lol! The roads are crazy, people are snowed in, yet us Montanans keep on trucking lol! I think we got five inches last night? Wow so much snow everywhere! So everyone please, PLEASE keep your fingers crossed for Alan and I so that it is warm enough to go sledding tomorrow! This is what it looks like outside, and that's not even a street view lol! You should see the roads!
The view from behind my work. Look at how pretty all the snow is! :)

Does everyone like my new layout? I thought that it was time for a change lol. I love this new look! Very colorful and artistic! :) Enjoy!

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