Thursday, January 26, 2012

Meet the Midwives...

Yesterday I had my first doctor's appointment for Baby. I was excited but nervous lol. But I had a wonderful experience with my nurse and midwife, and definitely will not be anymore! :P

I was checked in and had to do a routine urine test, blah. Good thing I am pregnant and have to pee like all the time lol! I know, I know, TMI! The nurse took me into my room and we went over my medical history. I don't usually like doing this part, only because it takes FOREVER and I just wanted to meet my doctor. But we got through it and then she took my blood pressure, which was good. That made me a little more relieved because when I was pregnant with Alan, I had issues with low blood pressure. Then she told me a little about what to expect for the appointment- basic physical exam, PAP smear (ugh), listening to Baby's heartbeat (yes!) and bloodwork (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!). Then she left me to get the midwife.

 My midwife came in and introduced herself. I am terrible with names, and I forgot it :( but I will make a point to ask next time so I can edit it in here! I feel bad lol. :P Then we started the physical exam. Everything ended up looking good for me and she agreed that I was at 15 weeks along, but she changed my due date to July 17. A day further from my birthday lol! Poo! :P I had kinda wanted to go overdue a little so Baby could be born the day before my birthday, like I was with my mom. But no harm, no foul really lol. Baby could still be born then, who knows? :)

Then she had me lay on my back and expose my belly. She pulled out the fetal heart monitor and I got really excited. She put on the jelly and put it on my belly. Almost immeadiately I heard a little heartbeat. Then Baby moved and we lost it for a few minutes. Lol all my babies hate to be montiored. :P But she quickly found the heartbeat again, and we sat there for a few glorious seconds listening to it. There is seriously nothing better than listening to that at this point. :) Hearing Baby's heartbeat just made my world. I seriously teared up and had to stop myself from just bursting into tears of joy. Baby's heartbeat was healthy and where it should be at in this point in the pregnancy. Awesome!

Then she preformed the ever uncomfortable PAP smear. Ugh I won't even say anymore than that lol. I was never more relieved than we she told me that she was done and I could get dressed. But then she said those dreaded words: "The nurse will be back in to do your bloodwork."

Okay, I have issues with blood and needles. But its not like most people who do. For some reason, when blood or needles is presented to me, I will black out WITHOUT FAIL. You think I am joking? I once blacked out in highschool in biology class just because we were looking at sickle cell anemia up close. I have also blacked out EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I get blood drawn. And I blacked out when I was pregnant with Alan when they simply put in my IV! Like really! But people never believe me, for some reason!

Well yesterday was no different, of course lol. I told the nurse as she was preparing me that I was really queasy with blood and will probably black out. She shrugged it off like it was nothing, telling me most women don't like getting their blood drawn. Uh no, I don't just not like it. I can barely handle it at all lady. Well she thankfully found a vein instantly, but she took forever to draw the blood. And I could only feel myself getting weaker. She finished, and I was surprisingly still conscious, until she bandaged it and asked me how I was. I remember just looking up at her face and the BAM! next thing I knew I was lying on the floor with her holding me up, trying to get my attention. She told me I had blacked out (No really lol?) and I needed to slowly get back up onto the exam table and lay down for a bit. Well I did.

Then I went out to the secretary to schedule my next appointment. I stood at the desk for maybe five minutes and BAM! blacked out again. This time I came to the secretary holding me, with several other pregnant women standing around me and my nurse. They took me to a chair and gave me some water, telling me to sit down for ten minutes before getting up again. Well I did. Again. :P

This time I stood up and was walking to the desk to tell the secretary I was ready to go, when BAM! I blacked out a third time. Like really? C'mon lol! This time when I awoke, I was back in a room, with my midwife and nurse around me. I was really confused on how they had moved me but they wouldn't tell me, they just made me eat a cheesestick and drink apple juice. Then they made me sit for fifteen minutes and escorted me out to my car afterwards. I think they were a little tired of me at that point lol, but who could blame them? :)

Overall my appointment went great, even though I did pass out three times. The whole staff was very supportive of me and my weakness lol. They helped me and made sure that I was going to be okay. I am very grateful for that and very glad I chose this group of midwives to help me through my pregnancy!

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