Monday, January 2, 2012

My Top Eleven Posts of 2011

Our New Year's Eve was decent enough lol, for an exhausted pregnant mama and her tired two year old. :P We went over to my parent's house for dinner and to watch this guy on a dirt bike and guy on a four wheeler jump the San Diego Bay (yeah I didn't ever catch their names lol, sorry). It was pretty cool to see and Alan was almost as excited as Grandpa Kevin and Uncle Kalvin lol. But I fell asleep on their couch right after that. :P Lon finally got all of us home and I went right back to sleep. He apparently stayed up til midnight, but decided it would be best to just let me sleep through it. Good choice on his part lol!

My New Year Resolution is to have Alan fully potty trained by the time Baby gets here. We have about seven months left lol, better get started! :)

The next morning (yes waking up at eleven still qualifies for a morning lol), we celebrated a bit with Alan. We had a nice breakfast of Breakfast Burritos and fruit, which Lon made for me. Then we took Alan to go explore the Rims. Lon had just as much fun as Alan did I think lol. He loves to run and jump and climb himself. As soon as I parked the car, they were both out and running lol. We spent most of the morning out there walking the trails, climbing easy boulders, and just enjoying the nice weather and nature. The Rims are just a gorgeous place as well. The rest of our day was pretty uneventful, we cleaned house and hung out with Alan. But it was nice to get a break from the work week!

Here's my Top Eleven Posts of 2011!

#11 Eighteen Months Ago: Alan's Birth Story
How can I not start out my countdown with Alan's Birth Story?? Of course lol! 

#10 A Day at Great Grandpa's Ranch
We had never been to Great Grandpa's Ranch before, Alan and I. It was such a cool experience and another wonderful outdoor adventure for the Andersen family!

#9 What Springtime Means to Me
Springtime is my absolute favorite time of the year, so of course I would choose this post lol!

#8 Day Two at Canyon Ferry Lake: July 3, 2011
We had such a fantastic time at Canyon Ferry Lake with all of my family and friends. What a wonderful way to celebrate Independence Day! :)

#7 On Easter Sunday
Even though it was posted late, I have to put this in my countdown lol. It was Alan's first Easter egg hunt! :)

#6 Alan's Santa Claus Visit
Another important holiday milestone, I had to post about Alan's great experience with Santa! He did so well this year. We are proud!

#5 Wedding Details
I am such a detailed person, that I couldn't resist posting about all of my wedding details lol. Can you say nerd?

#4 Adventures in Potty Training
Potty training was a pretty important part of our year last year, even though Alan isn't fully trained yet lol. See my New Year resolution! :D

#3 Mother's Day Update and the Before the Wedding Photos
My Mother's Day was pretty great, and who doesn't love wedding photos?

#2 Top Ten Wedding Photos
Like I said before, who doesn't love wedding photos lol?

#1 Count with me, 1, 2, 3...
What is better than me announcing another pregnancy lol?? Not much!

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