Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Weekend of Birthday Parties

I mean, of course, its July. In my huge family, we have like 325,482,926,454,824,863 birthdays in this month only lol! Just kidding of courseThis weekend was Grandma Melanie and I's birthday party at the Reef Waterpark and the kid's friend Carly's birthday party at Kids Klubhouse. We all had such a great time!
First are the photos from our birthday party at the Reef! I only was able to take so many because it is ONE WET PLACE lol, I mean obviously. It has several kids slides, two bigger kid slides, a basketball pool, a obstacle pool, and a wave pool. Very, very cool! Here are the pictures:

One of my presents to myself was this Chicco baby carrier. Anna has looooooong since grown of her Moby Wrap and we passed it down to Baby Benton. However, she has become quite needy as of late due to teething and our attempt at weaning. This carrier has been a lifesaver! I love it so much! We have seriously used it at least once a day since I bought it!

She sure loves these two! Grandma Melanie with her babies. I was not able to take a picture of her swimming with the kids, it was soooooo wet there lol. She had a great time at her party though! Happy birthday Grandma Melanie! We love you!

Sunday afternoon was Carly's birthday party. She is Alan and Anna's friend and her mommy is on of my friends since middle school. We love her and the whole family! Grandma Melanie came to help me with both kids. The party was so much fun! We loved it! Thanks for inviting us Jessica! Here is Grandma Melanie with Anna riding on one of the very interesting bikes they had at Kids Klubhouse!

The kids singing "Happy Birthday" to their buddy. Anna even stood up to sing with the big kids!

They did the treats so smartly! It was a toddler birthday party so they not only served cake and ice cream, but they had chocolate rice krispies and peanut butter cereal bars for the little kids! Alan enjoyed a piece of cake and Anna loved the cereal bars! They were perfect teethers! I asked for the recipe we loved it so much! Yum, good idea Jessica!

We had such a wonderful weekend with all of the parties! I love July so much! :) We get to gather with our loved ones so many times, for birthdays and anniversaries! Yay! Love you all!

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