Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Anna's Birthday Party

We had Anna's first birthday party this past Saturday. Luckily, most of my family was still in town from my uncle and aunt's wedding. Only a few of them weren't able to make it. We also found a great spot in the center of the playground area, even with a gazebo! It was a different spot then where I originally had planned, but it worked perfectly for us. I loved how everything looked, even though it was a little windy out.

Unfortunately, Aunt Natalie and Uncle Jake were not able to come to town for her birthday. Aunt Natalie could have Baby B at any moment now, according to her doctors. No one wanted her to have any problems travelling down here, just for Anna's birthday. It wasn't worth it. I told her we would make up for it in August when they all come visit. With that being said, we really missed you guys at the party! Love you three!

The kids played on the playground, in the sandbox area and the messed around with the party favors. They each got party hats, noise makers and fruit snacks. :) I was able to get pictures of most of the kiddos with their hats on, yes! I was quite proud of myself lol!

We served Village Inn pizza for lunch, with fresh fruits and veggies. The pizza was a hit! Lon made it all himself and was quite pleased with the feedback he received. Even Anna enjoyed a few slices herself! She then visited with all of her guests and was READY for some cake lol.

We all gathered together to sing her "Happy Birthday" while Aunt April held her. Alan sat next to them both so he could help her blow out the candles. The wind made them hard to light, so we had to sing quickly lol. Anna tried to eat the cake several times during the song and Alan almost fell onto the cake, trying to blow out the candles lol. It was quite crazy but very Andersen family. :) We had chocolate cupcakes for the kids, so we gave Anna a big pink frosted one.


She ate it so quickly and definitely had a blast getting real nice and messy lol! I just loved watching her enjoy it so much! She was so happy! :) Clean up, of course, was not as much fun lol. But we made it through, just in time for gifts!

And let me take a moment to talk about the gifts Miss Anna received. Can you say spoiled? Thank you all so much! She made out like a bandit! She was given a bouncy ball, an adorable Curious George book, a super high tech bedtime seahorse (I don't remember my seahorse as a baby being THAT fancy lol), singing pig ball, her first Ballerina Bunny and outfit, approximetly 20+ outfits in her current size (and some in the next size up too), sippy cups, a musical picnic basket and some other cute toys from us. I cannot believe that she received so much! You guys are all so great! We really appreciate it! Thank you again!

I want to thank everyone who helped make her party special! We had a wonderful time and its all because of you guys! Thanks to my Mom and Dad, Aunt April and Aunt Ariel, Lon for the yummy pizzas and Alan for being such a good boy and helper! You are all amazing! We love you all so much!
Tune in tomorrow for the post about Miss Anna's actual birthday! She had a pretty good one. :) Have a great night guys! I'm going to go vote for my gal Jasmine Harper on SYTYCD! She killed it tonight! Oh my, what form! Gah! Speaking of killing it in dance, I also am finishing last minute prep for my hip hop class. Tomorrow night we are performing our traditonal Thriller dance for parents and family! I am so excited for them, I know they will do awesome! I haven't ever done this before, but I might wear Thriller makeup myself for fun! Should I lol????

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