Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Grandpa Kevin!

Today is Grandpa Kevin's birthday. Happy birthday Grandpa Kevin! We love you so much!

My dad is seriously the coolest. He is one of the strongest men I know. But his heart is sooooooo big, he has so much love for his family. I have quite a bit of respect for him and his hard working ethic too. My father has his own drywall company that he started from the bottom up. I would love to someday do that with my own business! We have a lot in common too. My father is soooooooo stubborn about most things and usually refuses to go to the doctor even if he is sick. I am a terribly stubborn person myself, just ask my husband lol. Just one of the many traits I picked up from my dad!

I have picked up a lot of his crazy notions throughout my life. :) He has always been a great teacher. The things he teaches me are different then the things my mother has taught me too. They are valuable in their own ways. :) My father has taught me how to ride a bike, how to fish, how to ride motorcycles and fourwheelers, how to spot nails, how to paint walls, how to drive a car, how to be a strong person, how to have a hard work ethic and how to stand up for what I believe in. I have always been a tomboy and a Daddy's Girl at heart! Love you Dad!

He definitely is one of the best grandfathers too! Alan and Anna just adore him! They are lucky to have him too! He loves them so much! :) Alan and Grandpa Kevin love to work on the dirt bikes together, or unload his work truck, or water the yard... pretty much anything "boys" like to do. He loves to go over to Grandpa's house and "go to Grandpa's garage or go outside" lol. Love it! Anna and Grandpa enjoy snuggling while watching sports or playing on the floor. Grandpa Kevin would also probably walk around the world with Anna holding onto his fingers, if she so desired him to. :) He loves helping her achieve her milestones!

Unfortunately, Alan was horribly sick this morning. We were not able to go tp celebrate with Grandpa Kevin. We do have plans to do something with him and the family tomorrow night. Happy birthday Grandpa Kevin! You are the best! We love you very, very much! Hope you birthday was as amazing as you are!

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