Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

Alan has done so well this past month in his swim lessons! Lon and I are so proud of him! He has learned so much, Lon says that Alan can probably swim better then him now! :) Yesterday I was able to take an awesome set of photos with my phone, the photographer in me was soooooooo happy lol! Here is a continuous shot of Alan jumping into the water:

This top one is a running shot of them all, so you can get an idea of the jump. :) It goes clockwise, starting at the upper left corner. The next few are the photos enlarged. :) Love it, love it, love it so much! Love my camera phone!

Today, he had his last swim lesson class most likely for the summer. He did not graduate the Sunfish Class but he had a fantastic time today! The last class of the session usually involves a safety presentation and a special little treat for the students: they get to run out and jump into the pool. Alan loved doing it, like he does everytime. He did so good! We are so very proud of him!

Good job, Alan the fishie! We love you so much!

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