Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Anna's First Birthday

We did not do anything too exciting for Anna's birthday, we stayed home and unpacked from the day before's birthday party. I opened up all of Anna's new toys so the kids could play with them and washed all of the new clothes she received. Alan and Anna loved playing with her new musical picnic basket! Good thing there is two of everything, we would have had a lot more fights if there was only one of everything lol! That basket is the coolest, special thanks to the Peterson family for it!

I was going to try and set a photo shoot for her, but got too busy. Plus I was an emotional wreck all day lol, thinking back about her first year and everything we have been through. Breastfeeding, weight gaining issues, jaundice and low blood sugar. All the things we have overcome that brought us to this point, it was a lot. I am so grateful for every experience we have gone through with Miss Anna!

She goes to the doctor next week so I will post weight and height stats then, here is her one year old for now though!

Hair Color: Light orange ish red hair that goes down past her little shoulder blades in the back!

Eye Color: Light gray ish blue with a navy ridge on the outside. Soooooo bright and pretty!

Teeth: Two teeth are in!! They are the bottom middle two and BOY! did they make her mad coming in lol! Thankfully, she has not figured out how to use them while nursing. I will be sad to say that we will probably be done when she does.

Food: She eats what we do now. I usually cook from scratch and decently organic (in the sense of using "just the basics" not true organic, that's our next step in our diet lol) so I usually just cut up whatever we have and give it to her. I think she knows that she is having we have and it makes her feel like a big girl lol.

Breastfeeding: We have officially nursed for a year now! I honestly never thought we would make it this far! I am so proud of Anna and I, we overcome all the issues in the beginning and have even cut out formula the last two months! Go us! Anna only nurses before her nap and right before bed now, usually once or twice a day. A lot less then what I originally thought we would at this point. Honestly, I like it! Its like we have the best of both worlds lol! More on that in another post...

Sleep: Anna will usually sleep from 8 pm to sunrise lol. Yep, when that sun is starting to shine, she is up and bright eyed, ready to play! She is just like her brother lol! We are at least grateful that she still goes to bed early. Mom and Dad have started going to bed around then too lol! She will usually only take one nap a day.

Milestones: Anna is still working on standing and walking, but she is getting there. She will pull herself up and try letting go periodically, training her balance. And she has started walking with me while only holding ONE hand! She's definitely getting there. As for talking, she is a jabber jaws just like her mother. She has started babbling like crazy, all the time, just telling us stories. I just love it, I love to hear her sweet voice and I love her stories! She is so cute!

I just cannot wrap my head her actually being one! I mean, I have been mentally preparing myself for this for month's now but the day it happened, all that prep went out the window. I was a crying mess lol, but so happy and proud that we have made it to this point. I love you so much Anna, I am so happy you are here in our life! We finished off the night with a burger barbeque. We all enjoyed the burgers made by Lon, thanks baby! Anna even got to have one more cupcake, her last one for a while! She is stained pink for a bit now lol!

Happy first birthday, sweet princess! We love you so much and cannot imagine life without you!

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