Thursday, July 18, 2013

B is for...

Benton, not baby! Silly readers! See how I fooled you all? I'm such a trickster!

You heard it right! My sister had her baby boy and they named him Benton. He was born Tuesday, July 16th at 10:48 pm. At night, just like his cousins! Benton is a perfect 7 1/2 pounds and 20 7/8 inches long! I think he looks a little bit like his mom and his dad! He is so handsome! We love you Benton!

Natalie, I am so very proud of you beautiful. You are so strong. I wish I could have been up there with you, holding your hand and getting you to laugh through your discomfort and pain. I hope that I was able to support you enough through texts. I love you and Jake so much. I am so proud of both of you! Welcome to parenthood guys! It truly is a beautiful thing. Its hard some days (and most nights lol) but is always, everyday, worth it. Children really are the greatest gift ever. Life is beautiful! Love you!!

I cannot wait for my family to meet Benton! They will all be coming to town sometime next month. I cannot wait until then! Luckily, we will have to only wait like 20 ish days! Auntie Jillian and Uncle Lon love you Benton! Alan and Anna cannot wait to meet you either!

I have just LOVED being an assistant teacher for the YMCA Little Cheerleaders Camp this week! We had such a great group of adorable little girls! I just cannot wait until Anna is that old, those girlies were so sweet! Tomorrow is our cheer performance for the other campers and their parents. I am excited but really wish that Aunt April was here so that she could do my hair pretty for me! Darn! :/ I will try my best to take some photos though! These girls should rock it!

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