Monday, February 6, 2012

CHD Awareness Week

Happy Monday everyone! This weekend was a busy but good one for my family and I. Saturday I had work at the Y, where I saw my friend Heather and Alan's friend Barrett. Then once I was off of work, Alan and I went out to dinner at Fuddrucker's with my family. Sunday was the Super Bowl of course, but we just went over to my parent's for their little Super Bowl party. It was fun and I enjoyed it when my dad would yell out in excitement and surprise Alan so badly he'd jump a foot in the air lol. Alan thought it was pretty funny as well.

Today I am at home with Alan. Lon works from 9 to 1 so Alan and I are spending a mother-son day together. We are planning on playing his ABC Polar Bear Game, finishing his Valentine's and watching movies. Then I work at Child Watch at four. Alan will love seeing his friends at "school"! :)

Tomorrow is the beginning of Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week (February 7-14).


Congenital Heart Defect: Any problem with the heart's structure and function due to an abnormal heart development before birth. Congenital means present at birth.

According to the March of Dimes, CHD is the number one birth defect.

Over 87 babies are born with CHD. Each. Day.

In the US alone, over 25,000 babies are born with CHD. Each. Year.

That means 1 in every 100 children born will have CHD. Wow...

My family is thankfully CHD free, but that does not mean that my life has not been touched by Congenital Heart Defect. I have several blogging friends that have a child with this life-changing disease. Unfortunately, most of these children have already earned their angel wings. :( Their stories still need to be heard.

Each day this week, I will feature a CHD blog. Five days, five children who have CHD.


Each story about each family is different, but still similar. I will share their stories and on Wednesday for my Pregnancy Post, I will do a fun and heart-healthy informational post. Be sure to tune in for everything! I urge you to read these posts and check out their blogs, because their stories deserve to be told. If you are a Pinterest person, stop by here to check out some more CHD Awareness Week activity. Please re-pin! :)

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