Friday, February 3, 2012

The Traveling Red Dress: Beginning My Journey...

Once again, I came across this project from my wonderful blogging friend Bekah. She introduced me to the Facebook site, which led me to the blog. And let me tell you, I think this is a fantastic project that every woman should participate in! Let me allow the founder, the lovely Miss Jenny, to explain it to you in her own words...

"The Traveling Red Dress is a project about generosity...both to others and yourself.

The traveling red dress was born in 2010 when I wrote about wanting "just once, to wear a bright red, strapless ball gown with no apologies. I want to be shocking, and vivid and wear a dress as intensely amazing as the person I so want to be. And the more I thought about it the more I realized how often we deny ourselves that red dress and all the other capricious, ridiculous, overindulgent and silly things that we desperately want but never let ourselves have because they are simply “not sensible”. Things like flying lessons, and ballet shoes, and breaking into spontaneous song, and building a train set, and crawling onto the roof just to see the stars better. Things like cartwheels and learning how to box and painting encouraging words on your body to remind yourself that you’re worth it."

I got my red dress and it was exactly as freeing and magical as I thought it would be. Then I sent it on a journey across the globe so that others could experience it. People celebrating joy, people fighting deep tragedies, people who needed a moment to mark for their own.

In 2012 we revived the #travelingreddress as thousands of men and women vowed to go after whatever their "red dress was" and hundreds mailed total strangers red ball gowns to celebrate each other.

And it was amazing.

Now I'm flooded with pictures of people in their red dresses and people who want to donate red dresses and stories of victory that can't NOT be shared. So this is why this page exists. You can share your red dress pictures. You can offer up red dresses for total strangers. You can keep an eye out here for when the red dresses I'm buying come in to pass on to others.

The Traveling Red Dress. Take one, then pass it on. It's magical."

You can find more info about the project and about Miss Jenny at her blog, The Bloggess. I think this is one of the most inspiring and beautiful ideas I have come across! The most important thing that she wants to get across is that it doesn't have to be a red dress. It can be a purple dress, or something entirely different. The important thing is that it is something for you, and no one else. Something that makes you feel good, and makes you feel beautiful. That's my favorite part.

I have decided that now would be the absolute perfect time for me to start my "Traveling Red Dress" journey. I have been having a rough time with this pregnancy and have forgotten what it is like to be beautiful. I mean, most days I am lucky if I get my hair combed and in a ponytail and my teeth brushed. Now I have never been into my looks, but it is good to pamper yourself and make yourself feel good. And I am definitely in need of this.

I started my red dress journey on Tuesday, and have yet to find a dress on their online forum. But I am confident that I will find my dress, it might just take a while. I am also planning on making a trip to a few thrift stores to see if they have any red dresses. Then it is to find a good photographer willing to donate their time and talent to me. I plan on doing my photo shoot on the Rims, one of my favorite places in the world.

I will keep everyone updated on my "Traveling Red Dress" journey as it progresses, and I encourage all women to check it out! :)

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