Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Pregnancy Post: Week by Week! Week 16

Its week 16 finally! Wow these weeks just seem to fly by. Earlier this week, we had a morning sickness and dehydration scare that ended up with me in the ER with and IV in me. Ick! :) But ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce that I didn't pass out!! Go me lol! I also was put on an early paid maternity/sick leave for a bit at my personal assistant job, so I get to spend more time at home with my boy!

Here's the Pregnancy Post a day late lol! Enjoy!


How far along: 16 weeks and 4 days

Size of Baby: 3 ounces and 5 inches long or the size of an avocado

Developments of Baby: Baby's kidneys have started functioning and produces urine that passes through the umbilical cord. Hair is growing from the scalp and may even have color! The developing facial muscles make it so Baby can open and close their mouth and even smile! The legs are fully developed and Baby's body has started producing finger and toenails!

Maternity Clothes: Not yet, but the belly looks bigger everyday to me lol! I feel huge already (how sad huh?) and I'm not even showing in my work clothes yet! 

Morning Sickness: It is almost done, but like I mentioned earlier, it kicked my butt Sunday and Monday, which resulted in me going to the hospital.

Stretch Marks: Only on my thighs and sides of my chest. :(

Gender: T-minus 26 days until we find out the gender of Baby Andersen #2. Keep your fingers crossed for a boy! :)

Movement: Haven't felt any yet, though I thought I did the other day. Must have just been gas though lol. :P Oops! 

Sleep: I have been working out every night for about forty-five minutes, so sleep has improved like whoa! I have been able to sleep almost fully through the night, only waking up once and a while to pee. Yes sleep I have missed you! 

Best Moment This Week: Lon and I finally picked out baby names for both a boy and a girl! Yes, you heard me right, Lon has agreed that there might be a *small* possibility that I will have a girl lmao. So we picked out first and middle names for both genders. However, we are not releasing the names until Baby Gender Day, February 28!

What I miss: Not feeling soooooooooooo pregnant lol. I feel like this week I should be in my third trimester, instead of just my 16th week. I feel so extremely pregnant and uncomfortable lol!

Food Cravings: Salmon, cheeseburgers, cheesecake, pizza, Laffy Taffy, Cool Ranch Doritios, Starburst, Skittles, Snickers, chocolate, tator tots, chai tea, milkshakes, Sour Cream and Onion chips, grilled cheese sandwiches, and definitely lasanga lol!

Food Aversions: Eggs still, my husband's AWFUL beef jerkeys lol and raw meat. Mostly the smells though, I can't be around when things are cooked anymore.

Symptoms: Morning sickness, feeling weak or light-headed, slight round ligament pain, all around exhaustion, the need to pee ALL the time lol, out of breath easily, food aversions and nausea, major forgetfulness, odd dreams, heightened sense of smell, cluster headaches, leg and butt cramps, overly emotional at times (gotta love pregnancy hormones!)

What I’m looking forward to: My next doctor's appointment and my ultrasound. I wanna hear and see Baby!

What I'm not looking forward to: The glucose test. Uggggggggggh! I have like 12 more weeks until that.


  1. Good blog! I found your blog on yahoo and have put it in favourites for future reads. Thanks keep it up…..

    1. Thank you! I love my blog and am very passionate about it. :) I appreciate you "marking" it in your favorites. Have a great day!