Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pregnancy Meditation Revisted, A Courthouse Trip, and Midwife Appointment

About a month ago, I wrote about meditation during pregnancy. At the time, I was really interested in the book Pregnancy Meditations: 36 Weekly Practices for Bonding with your Unborn Baby by Michelle Leclaire O'Neill. However, through my searches around town and online for a nicely priced book (new copies with the cd ran about $99 a pop, ouch) I found a much better book written by the same woman! It is called Nine Glorious Months: Daily Meditations and Reflections for your Pregnancy. Here is what this book looks like:


Here is an example of what some of these week's mantra's were.

Yesterday's Mantra:
Spirals of hair are developing on your skull; the main one is at the crown of your head. Do draw in the heavenly forces. May your body be filled with a divine energy, your own true self.

Today's Mantra:
Now you also have soft, fine hair on your back and arms and legs. A gentle furry creature you are.

Tomorrow's Mantra:
Your soft covering of hair has a name. It is known as laungo. So fine and downy it is. You'll probably shed it in your first week of life.

Well I purchased this book, and yesterday I received it in the mail! It is exactly like the other book, but instead of weekly mantras relating to your baby's development it has daily mantras. Love it, love it, love it! Couldn't wait until later that night when I got a chance to try it out.

After work, I meditated with the book for a half hour and it was better than I ever thought it could be! Baby  actually was kicking my hand on my belly while I was meditating, it was such a glorious experience! I loved it so much! Once I had finished meditating, I did some yoga to stretch my body out and prepare myself for bed. What a perfect way to calm down from the day and to connect with Baby! Oh I just love it, I can't wait for tonight's journey.

Today before my midwife appointment, Alan and I had to go to the courthouse to renew my vehicle registration. I had almost forgotten about doing it this year, and was endlessly grateful when they sent me a second reminder for it in the mail. I was a little apprehensive about going with Alan, because the vehicle registration area of the courthouse if infamous for being crowded and taking forever. I was not in the mood for this, but I prepared none the less. I packed crayons, a notebook, extra cars, a snack, and a special treat for if he behaved well. We also planned on having to spend two hours there so I went extra early in the morning. But our experience there was nothing but fast and enjoyable!

We got inside and there was only one other couple there, so I took my number and was seen immediately! No need to take out any of the hidden toys lol! Alan was great about standing next to me at the desk, even though I couldn't hold his hand the whole time. He was quiet and polite, the ladies there loved him. :) They even gave him his OWN treat, so that mine could be saved for later. Score! He even said please and thank you to them! Then as we were leaving, Alan discovered the old fashioned looking telephone booths and wanted to explore it. Since he was so well behaved, I let him and took the chance to snap some cute little photos of him lol. You'd think I could actually get him to smile for the camera though, fail! Oh well, they are super cute pics still!

Alan checking out the phone cord

My attempt at getting him to smile and say cheese

Relaxing in the booth

I am so glad that it was so easy for me to take Alan with me, made my day a lot better! :) After going to the courthouse, we grabbed a quick lunch and then I took Alan to daycare so I could go to my midwife appointment. I was nervous about him being there without me, but was later told he did a wonderful job! My midwife appointment was routine and fairly short. The nurse checked my blood pressure and she had to check twice because the first time she couldn't find my pulse. It was a little low 94/151 but she assured me it wasn't anything to worry too much about, unless it became common. Then my midwife came in again. She measured my belly, and I measured 20 weeks instead of only 19. Then we listened to Baby's heartbeat. It took a moment to find it because Baby was moving around A TON, but when she did it was a normal 140 beats. Then we discussed the upcoming ultrasound next week and what to expect in the next month. A short but sweet appointment. Once Alan and I got home from everything, I popped in Cars and the three of us snuggled. We ended up falling asleep for several hours, and then woke up to eat dinner lol. :P We went out to eat at the Alpine with my parent's. What a busy but great day! :)

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