Sunday, April 17, 2011

All I have to say, is it better not be raining on my wedding day! Lol.

It rained all day today in Billings. Off and on all morning, all afternoon, and all night.


We were planning on doing part of my Bridal Shower outside. That clearly wasn't in Mother Nature's plans for us. :)

And on top of all of that, Alan's sick with hopefully just a cold (going in to doctor tomorrow to double check) and has been teething his remaining molars (OUCH!) so he has been horribly out of sorts and not himself this weekend. :( He's been having pure liquid bowel movements (Not TMI, its for health reasons lol!) and has been throwing up anything even slightly irritating to him. That along with a wet cough and runny nose, and my boy is not a happy camper. :( He even threw up in the car today. Let me tell you, that's so NOT fun.

Despite the rain and Alan's sickies, I still had a great day with my son and the rest of my loved ones. The Bridal Shower was a blast! We had taco soup and fruit for lunch and brownies for dessert. Then we played four wild games- Toilet Paper Dresses, Purse Scavenger Hunt, Couple Trivia, and He Who Must Not Be Named (has nothing to do with Harry Potter either lol).

The Toilet Paper Dresses game was absolutely crazy fun lol! There were four teams with four beautiful "brides" dressed in their toilet paper gowns for my Grandma Carol, Kalvin, my mom and I to judge. The teams weren't given a specific time limit and we let them use tape (We had littler ones who participated, so we made it easier for everyone). But the results were incredible! April and one of my bridesmaids created this beautiful (for toilet paper lol) dress with "pickups" in it and even a veil! My girls from work collaborated and made a halter dress with the cardboard roll made into a bow lol. Classic. :) My aunt and her daughter designed a strapless dress with a cute bow on the front. And my two youngest cousins made a pretty peasant type dress with wide straps that I loved! They ended up winning. :) I have to get pictures of these up on here though, they were sooooo much fun and so stinking silly! We were all total dorks.

The Purse Scavenger Hunt was pretty wild and funny too. The beginning of my list was common things such as wallet, cash, checkbook, cellphone, etc. But the last fifteen were wild things like diapers, socks, children's/infant's Tylenol, screwdriver, CDs, and GPS.  Aunt Rachael ended up winning, but only because she has baby Connor I think. :P

They Couple Trivia was pretty simple: 5 questions about the bride, 5 about the groom and 5 about the couple. They started out really simple (Where did the bride go to high school?) and ended up really hard and personal (What two things does the groom love to collect?) but people were also encouraged to guess. And some of the answers were just HILARIOUS! Rotfl I had to keep all of them, they made me laugh so hard. My other bridesmaid Kari won this one, she knows a ton about me (we work together and talk a lot lol) and guessed right on the ones she didn't. Go Kari! She chose my favorite Bridal Shower prize, the Water for Elephants book.

Now the He Who Must Not Be Named game is similar to the Baby Game played at baby showers. But instead of not being allowed to say the word "baby" you can't say the groom's name. Everyone was given three clothes pins and were told to patrol other guests. If you caught someone saying Lon's name, you'd get their clothes pin. My Aunt Carolyn won this one, but only because she was given a ton towards the end lol. What? :P This is still a fun game, especially if you have the kids play. April was so into this game it was silly. I couldn't believe it. :)

The shower was so much fun. For gifts, I got some lotions and soaps, a decorated picture frame, fleece blankets (YES!), a 7 quart crock pot, and a coffee maker. And we all just had a wonderful time together, playing games and just chatting. I also got to see my nephew Connor and Alan's second cousin Sophie! I love my family and friends, they make even rainy days fun. <3

We also had the Rehearsal Dinner tonight at the Village Inn. The majority of the wedding party was there, except for 3 that are out of town and my maid of honor who was doing homework for finals. But we got our order figured out and fine tuned the whole walking down the aisle thing lol. And with the two LOUD families combined, it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay harder than I thought it would be. Lon was flipping Kalvin over his arm and shoulder, Cameron was chasing April and Ariel, and Alan was in the middle of it, dancing on his toes and screaming with the all. :) Wow lol, I don't think any two families could mesh together any better. Thankfully, we made it through the rehearsal and then chowed down on Lon's delicious pizza like a pack of ravenous lions. That pizza was amazing!

Now its back to the grind for a week, then Friday is Earth Day and after that is the wedding! See you all tomorrow for Meet Me on Monday and Motivational Monday! Have an awesome night and a wonderful Monday! <3 Peace!

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