Saturday, April 16, 2011

A week away from today, I'll be given away by my father!

Today was a busy but good day for me. I only had to do a party at work today, and was off by two. Then my parent's surprised me with four new tires for my car (for those of you who don't know, my back tire was literally shredding off of the axel) for a wedding gift. We went shopping for Bridal Shower prizes and ingredients for our Taco Soup for tomorrow. Then I spent some time with Alan before dropping him off at my parent's for his second ever sleepover (his first was on his birthday) and going to the Bachelorette party.

The party was so much fun! We didn't do anything to wild lol. :P We stayed at my Maid of Honor's house, dyed Easter eggs, and made bracelets for the wedding. Even though I told them no strippers, the girls still couldn't resist getting me novelty penises! Oh lordy lmao. :D They got me a sexy coupons, a penis sucker, penis whistles, penis mints, penis confetti, and penis candles. I love my girls but wow lol! :P I really enjoyed making matching bracelets for the wedding party though and even won the drawing for a prize! It was just so great being able to just sit and chat with my ladies too, we've all been so busy with life lately, I miss all of them so. <3

Can't wait for my Bridal Shower tomorrow, but for now I'm gonna go to bed and enjoy my baby-free night with my husband. :) Good night everyone!


  1. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!! Sounds like you had a good time at your party. I hope YOUR day turns out just the way you want it :)I have to say I am a little confussed are you already married? I saw that it said husband above and that you were married on your about me section lol.

  2. Yeah it is quite confusing lol. :) We have actually been married by common law for just over a year now, but are just now having our real wedding. This changes our anniversary from March 17, 2010 to April 23, 2011 but we prefer to not share it with a holiday. Just next to it lol. :)

    Thanks I hope its everything I want to. Its looking like it will be. :)

    Have a great week! Keep reading, my wedding is on Saturday lol!