Monday, April 11, 2011

Meet Me on Monday!! April 11, 2011

Good morning everyone! Today looks like it will be another beautiful spring day! :) Alan and I are watching Seasame Street and Alan's coloring Lon a picture of Elmo and his daddy. So I'm gonna go ahead and start my Monday blog hops. :) Here's Meet me on Monday!!

Who would be your dream celebrity date?
My husband thinks this is so weird because this man is so old (well older than us lol) and so not often seen as "hot" lol, but my dream celebrity date would definitely be Jim Carrey. Ooooh he's so attractive and so funny, I've been crushing on him since Bruce Almighty. <3 Now I know he's dating Jenny McCarthy, but I like her and I love them together, they're so adorable and perfect for each other. But a girl can still dream right? Lol love him in this pic, I love him with his long hair!!

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Do you have any food restrictions?
I do not but my poor sister does. She has gone most of her life changing her food restrictions because her food allergies kept changing in her body. :( She was at one point allergic to beef, yeast and potato. No burger and fries for her. :( Food allergies stink.

How much time do you take to get ready in the morning?
Haha, I was in dance all my life so I can literally get dressed in under a minute. And I'm a hippie so I don't wear makeup so dressing is pretty much it, besides I guess combing my hair and brushing my teeth. So let's say under six minutes? :) I can even do it ALL with a baby on my hip (learned that real fast after being SAHM for a year with Mr. Clingy Lovie Boy lol, I joke that he never let me put him down until he was five months old). :D  But thats a little talent that I kept from Tracy's School of Dance lol. I can't still do a leap or a pirroette turn anymore, but I can still do the splits and still dress fast. :)

Sausage or bacon?
It depends really. I have this weird thing against the skin on sausages, bratwurst and hot dogs. The texture of it just oogies me out lol. So I really only like bacon, unless its like ground sausage or a sausage patty. I'm a weirdo, I know! :)

Do you Google, Bing or Yahoo?
I'm loyal to Google lol. Had my Gmail account since 2006, and I've just always been partial to Google. I don't like Yahoo and Bing was okay the one time I tried it, but I just always go to Google. I love their pop up link feature now too! Man I <3 Google!

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  1. Wow Jim Carrey's hair looks really nice in the photo. A bit on the long side though but very nice :)

  2. Oh but I looooooove long hair on men. So sexy! In fact, I started dating my husband for his long angelic curls (his hair was longer than mine then lol). He has since then cut it short, but I still look back and swoon over his hair, rotfl! :P