Thursday, April 21, 2011

Probiotics and toddlers

Ever since Monday when Alan's doctor diagnosed him with the stomach flu, I have been researching her recommended remedy of probiotics. I have discovered that not only are they not harmful to a toddler, but they have been around him since birth.

By the way, here is what she recommended for him. He has had two doses of it so far. :)

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Toddlers that were vaginally born and/or that are breast fed have a higher amount of probiotics already in their system then toddlers that were delivered via C-section and/or formula fed. Alan was both vaginally born and breast fed for almost eight months. When a baby starts eating solids, the bacteria begin to increase.

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However sometimes when toddlers are prescribed antibiotics, it decreases the amount of probiotic bacteria in their systems. Overall, a toddler's digestive system is still developing, and probiotics can help keep everything healthy and more immune during the process. Introducing probiotics to toddlers (even if they're not sick like Alan), will help prevent and treat diarrhea. The bacteria can also help with lactose intolerance. It breaks down the milk sugars which makes it easier for them to digest.

I will continue to give Alan probiotics after he's recovered from his stomach flu, but only once a week most likely. The bottles are around $25! We will try to experiment with yogurt based probiotics after he feels better, because he barely tolerates yogurt anyways. We will see how that one goes lol. :)

A big thanks to Gerber, Parents, eHow, and 1stProbiotics for all the information I learned.


  1. Probiotics are a wonderful addition to a child's diet.

    If you're going to experiment with yogurt, you may consider the Organic Yogurt Tubes served with a straw. Always a huge hit in our house!

    Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

  2. Thanks Emily! I will definitely check those out! Have a good weekend and a great Easter! :D