Friday, April 15, 2011

Five Question Friday!! April 15, 2011

Today is the day before one of the best weekends for me (next weekend will be better though lol)! Tomorrow night is my bachelorette party and Sunday is the Bridal Shower and the Rehearsal Dinner. I'm so excited, all of it will be so much fun! :D I just have to get through my five hour shift tonight and work a birthday party tomorrow, but then its PARTAY TIME! Hope everyone else has a great weekend as well, I will try to keep up and post this weekend, but you might also just get a long, descriptive Monday post. :) Happy Friday everyone!

And now for Mama M's Five Question Friday!!

What is your favorite sign of spring?
The sound of birds chirping. <3 Oooh, I love that sound so much, I will sometimes turn off all sounds in my house and open up all the windows just so it can fill my ears and my heart! :)

What was your best birthday ever?
That would have to be a tie between my 18th birthday and my 19th birthday.

For my 18th birthday, we were already in Las Vegas for a national dance competition and workshop (I danced for twelve years and competed with a company for six years). It was my mom, Natalie and I with my whole dance company and their mothers. We had classes/competition from 7 am to 6 pm most nights but after 6 was when we got wild. We saw Mystere, Ice and Cirque du Soleil's LOVE (Best show ever! Loved it sooooo much!) and went out to eat at Cheesecake Factory, California Pizza Kitchen and PF Chang's. My mom spoiled me a little because it was my birthday, despite all the hard work I was doing for dance. The only thing that stunk was the no gambling until 21 law. Lame! I have yet to go back now that I'm legal too. :P

For my 19th birthday, my best friend and two other people went to Soo Pass, Minnesota for the Ten Thousand Lakes Festival. It was a three day festival and we spent another extra day in Minneapolis. And on my specific birthday, we went to the Flaming Lips show. <3 Okay so the Flaming Lips is my all time favorite band, and to see them live on my birthday? Simply amazing. :) I mean, watch this video (this was filmed at another concert, same tour though) and tell me you don't wanna cry? It was nothing but beauty and happiness there. So wonderful!

I mean, can you imagine what they spend on confetti alone lol? So pretty and so breathtaking! Watching this video floods me with wonderful memories of that night and will make me tear up. <3 I love this band so much!

What is your favorite dessert?
Hmmm, I probably have to say cheesecake. Or anything with chocolate really. Especially milk chocolate, YUUUUUMMM! :)

What is the best excuse you've ever used to get out of a ticket?
It wasn't an excuse lol (It was the truth) but I was pulled over in February for not having changed from the dealership's plates with the date on them to my actual license plates. Well the interesting thing was, the day that I got my plates it had snowed. A lot. So we tried to switch them out, but the bolts were frozen! I tried this every morning for eight days before they had thawed enough lol, and was pulled over on like the fifth day. So I told the cop my story and he went back and actually checked and then he let me leave. Score! :)

Do you wake up before your alarm, with your alarm, or after hitting snooze several times?
Well my alarm is my son (my husband wakes up when Alan does and then brings him to bed to wake me up), and he likes to wake me up by jumping on my face lol... So I wake up with my alarm, and pretty quickly too lol. :) Jumping toddlers are very convincing alarm clocks, I reccommend all adults should have one! Rotfl!


  1. Cheesecake is my favorite dessert too.

  2. Yeah my girls at work were so nice to me today too. They got me a chocolate cheesecake for my upcoming wedding and a giftcard to a spa. They cheesecake was soooooooo delicious! :)

  3. lol at #4. That cracks me up. I would have made the cop check to though!

    Hope you had a great weekend!